Fashion Quiz: Are You An Alia Or A Kareena?

Fashion Quiz: Are You An Alia Or A Kareena?

There are a bunch of top dressers in Bollywood. Sonam, Sonakshi, et al. But there are two, who stand out, wherever you see them. These two are Alia Bhatt, and Kareena Kapoor, of course. When it comes to personal style, which Bollywood wunderkind do you most resemble? Take our quiz to find out!  

1 – You have an invite from a really exclusive party. You hear the guest list is insane! Now’s your chance to impress! What do you wear?

A – Something sparkly! If the memo is to impress, you’re going to blind them with your style. 'Cinderella' dresses with layers and layers of tulle is your go-to.

B – A classy guest list will appreciate classic style. You'd go with a figure-hugging long black dress.

C – Something sparkly or something classic? You have plenty of both in your closet. What you'll end up wearing depends, purely, on your mood.

2 – You have been texting this guy forever, and he finally asked you out on a lunch date. YAY! Your outfit?


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A – You don’t want to come across as trying too hard, and flirty dresses are a hassle for you. You pull out chic separates from your closet – a lace top and trousers, or a casual day dress with a denim jacket thrown on.

B – Jeans are reserved, strictly, for when you’re out and about running home errands. A brightly coloured maxi-dress that walks the line between casual and formal is your best bet.

C – If you reaaaallly like this guy, you might wear a dress. If you are still testing the waters, you'd rather go with a white tee and blue jeans. Depends on how badly you're crushing on your date.

3 – What’s your airport style?  


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A – You wrote the book on athleisure. Are you going to the gym? Are you going to the airport? No one can tell. You have the coolest collection of jackets, so you throw one on for inflight chills.

B – Logo-mania it is! The Velour tracksuit uniform is so declassé, so, you’ve chosen to embrace the logo tee + expensive handbag alternative. Upside? You ALWAYS get an upgrade.

C – Sometimes, you’ll literally show up at the airport in pyjamas. Other times, you will look like you're heading to the most important meeting of your life in a tux jacket and formal trousers.

4 – What do you wear when you work out?

A – You spend quite a bit on gym-wear. But to be fair, you also recycle it as athleisure in your day-to-day lifestyle. And since everyone sees what you wear to the gym (thanks to your methodical documentation of your workouts on your Instagram), it HAS to be good!

B – Your gym attire is entirely functional. The gym is somewhere you completely zone out and concentrate on gains, gains and more gains. A sporty tee and tights that allow movement is what you'd pick. For you, gym wear is hardly about style, it's all about utility.

C – If you're planning on taking selfies, out comes the chic gym leggings. But when you can’t find your cool gym t-shirt, you’ll wear your brother’s. You mustn't miss your work out, even if, sometimes, that means not scoring a 100 on the style scale.

5 – What does your shoe closet look like?

A – Limited edition Yeezys, innumerable white sneakers and everything in between. You also have a couple of stilettos, but if there ever were a contest, your sneaker collection would take the prize.

B – You're all about those heels, or super stylish flats if you absolutely cannot wear your pumps. You've made some closet space for sneakers (Victoria Beckham wasn’t immune, how could you be?). But your loyalty to heels is undeniable.

C – You oscillate between Kolhapuris and sneakers. When you’re going out and you HAVE TO wear heels to match your outfit, you’ll borrow a pair from your sister. However, you're practical enough to carry a comfy backup pair for when your feet, eventually, give up.

6 – Let’s talk ethnic. What's your stance on desi wear?

A – You love ethnic wear! But only when you get to go all out. You live for Bollywood style lehengas and wait for friends to get married, just so you can splurge on a sparkly creation. When the dress code is Indian but you can’t possibly wear a sparkly lehenga, you’ll stick to a plain salwar kameez. There’s no middle ground.

B – You don’t think of ethnic as occasion wear. You wear contemporary ethnic wear quite regularly. For formal occasions though, it’s a traditional Anarkali or, sometimes, a saree.

C - The dress code says ethnic, but your favourite Anarkali is at the cleaners? Screw that. you're wearing the first thing, in your closet, your eyes land on.  

Now for the results.

Mostly As

You are an Alia! You are young and still experimenting with your style. Comfort always comes first for you and the Bollywood cutie, both. But, like Alia, when the occasion arises, you’ll gladly trade in your trusty sneakers for 6” stilettos, which you keep in the back of your closet.

Mostly Bs

You are such a Bebo! Like Kareena, your style has evolved and you have figured out what works best for your body. Why experiment? If somebody recommends a cool new trend, you’re still open to trying it out, but you'd rather stick to your fail-safe personal style on most days. And hey, why not? Like Kareena, you worked hard to get where you are.

Mostly Cs

You are a moody dresser. Most of the times though, you fall somewhere between the 2, and no harm in that. Sometimes, you are an Alia – cool, casual, composed. Other times, you are more Kareena (sexy and glamorous). They are both equally stylish women... two of the most stylish women in Bollywood, perhaps. So if you manage to nail both either of their styles from time to time, good for you!