Fashion Numerology: What Your Number Says About Your Personal Style!

Fashion Numerology: What Your Number Says About Your Personal Style!

Remember when Govinda sang ‘What is your style number, karu kya dial number’ to Karisma Kapoor back in the 90s? While it may have seemed ridiculous at the time, turns out there’s more logic to these lyrics than what came across.

Yep, your life path number can help you sort out your life as well as your wardrobe. Finding a one-stop solution to your morning wardrobe crisis is numerology. They say fashion and style are a strong way to express your personality, to be comfortable in your own skin and let your inner crazy out. Whether you’re an OCD-stricken control freak or a free-spirited dove, your personal style will, and should, reflect it. I know what you’re wondering. What, exactly, is a life path number, and how can you find out what it is. It is one of the fundamentals on which the science of Numerology runs. Just add up all the digits in your birth date (DD/MM/YYYY), until you get a single digit (1-9), to arrive at your life path number.

Now that you have it, what do you do with it? Well, each number has a few dominant traits. These can help you align your wardrobe with your personal dominant trait. We’ve done the research for you, you’re welcome! Read on below to see what your number says about your personal style:

Number 1

beyonce bossy 1

Number 1, you never slip up. Always on point, always ahead. Yes, you’re a natural leader and taking style risks is your hobby. Granted, they always pay off. Whether it’s at work or at a party, there’s no way you go unnoticed - you love to mix prints and have a thing for off-beat silhouettes. Keep it up: no pressure.

POPxo recommends: Contrast Sleeve Tie Back Floral Blouse (Rs. 1320) and Tartan Boot Cut Pants (Rs. 1112) by Shein

Number 2


Your life path number might be 2 but you’re all about one thing and one thing only: attention to detail. According to you, it’s all the little things that life is about. Whether it’s fabric quality, fit or statement trims, you’re on it. You might not be an avid risk-taker but your style investments are nothing if not excellent. Numerology FTW, amirite?

POPxo recommends: Checked Tunic With Tied Belt (Rs. 4,990) by Zara

Number 3


Books, films, sculptures and paintings: a few of your favourite things, Number 3. You’re an art bug, and there’s no denying it. Your personal style, for you, is all about self-expression. Woke up happy? Your outfit is most definitely going to be a rainbow. But if you’re upset, you’re wearing that ripped t-shirt with a rude slogan. Yep, I gotcha.

POPxo recommends: Water Colour Slogan Print Tee (Rs 560) by Romwe

Number 4

numerology   fashion 4

You believe in long-term relationships, whether it’s with your job or with your boyfriend. You’re in for the long haul. You love spending time alone and would trade a book on the beach any day over shots at the local bar. When it comes to dressing up, you rely on classic prints and silhouettes, a failsafe outfit.

POPxo recommends: Striped Cutout Culotte Jumpsuit (Rs. 1,699) by Koovs

Number 5

numerology   fashion 5

Number 5, everyone wants to be around you. All day, errday. Your energy is contagious and you sure know how to show your peeps a good time. Your wardrobe tells the tale. Statement fashion is your jam. Holograph detail? Ruffles? Metallic? You want it all, and if anyone can make it work, it’s you.

POPxo recommends: Pink Metallica Skater Skirt (Rs. 1,170) by Lulu & Sky

Number 6

numerology   fashion 6

Ah, the hopeless romantic. Number 6, here’s the deal: you daydream about fictional heroes, icing pink hearts on cookies and love happy endings (obviously). But, you know how far to push it - you’re sensible when it comes to real life, adulting decisions. Your wardrobe is full of classic colours, romantic prints and flirty silhouettes. Well done, 6.

POPxo recommends: Off-The-Shoulder Ruffle Dress (Rs. 2,249) by Forever21

Number 7

numerology   fashion 7

Haters can try but they can never bring a number 7 down. Queen, you’re at peace with yourself and therefore, give brilliant life advice. Whether it’s work frenemies or commitment issues, you give your peeps the reality check they need. So, it’s only natural that your personal style is relaxed and soothing. You love pastels and ‘less is more’ is your life motto.

POPxo recommends: All-Over Print Flared Tunic (Rs. 1,104) by Ajio

Number 8

numerology   fashion 8

Number 8, when you know what you want, you will do anything to get it. You intimidate people with your fashion choices because you ‘always dress like you’re going to bump into an arch enemy’. Quality fabric and top-notch tailoring - even your wardrobe means business.

POPxo recommends: Mustard Kassi Co-ords Trousers Set (Rs. 1,499) by Mustard Kassi

Number 9

numerology   fashion 9

Everyone with 9 as their life path number, listen up. You are as compassionate as they come and versatile too. You never say never and that’s why you strike the best kind of balance when it comes to fashion. You love accessories and add-ons: if your outfit is too plain or OTT, on the other hand, these pieces will always have your back.

POPxo recommends: Press Button Placket Botanical Jacket-KRZ (Rs. 1,499) by SR Store

Who knew numerology and fashion were BFFs? Well, I’m glad, what about you?