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Is Brow Tinting For You? Here's Everything You Need To Know About It

Is Brow Tinting For You? Here's Everything You Need To Know About It

The other day I was walking in the mall, doing my favourite thing: drinking coffee and trying out new cosmetics (or the ones I haven't tried) and stumbled upon a brow tint. And actually ended up using one.

There's no doubt that eyebrows are a big deal.

Most of us spent our teens figuring out the natural arch, sometimes over-tweezing to get the ideal look. Then came Cara Delevigne and we found out big, bold brows can make or break our look. Most recently, Instagram took to fishtail brows, not to forget, the unibrow was in the spotlight after Padmaavat. Either you add a fishtail or you braid them brows, one thing is sure, bold brows are here to stay. And if you don't have the moolah or the inclination to opt for microblading, there's another option. Yeah, you guessed it, it's tinting.

To put it simply, brow tinting involves using vegetable dye to darken your eyebrows in a jiffy!

Brow tinting doesn't involve any hair removal or painful tweezing since the focus is on enhancing the shape, and to making them look bolder. Since the focus is on improving the overall look, brow tinting is all about looking more put-together.

Initially, many brands offered the colour and activator separately, allowing you to make the tint depending on how bold you wanted them to be. Nowadays, brow tints can be found in a mascara format or with a brush, which is something I prefer.


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The application is pretty simple. Here's what you need to know about it:

1. It may be wiser to have your brows plucked or waxed beforehand. If you're going to make them more noticeable, you might as well be happy with the shape. 
2. Apply the tint precisely onto your brows. Make sure you get them all and avoid getting it onto your skin. When dried, the tint can be difficult to rub off your skin.
3. Keep it on for 2-3 minutes depending on the instructions. P.S.: This is the right time to take a selfie or test if your partner notices anything different about your face.
4. Wash your brush/applicator with micellar water. The tint tends to get hardened and you don't want that to ruin the brush.
5. Peel off the brow tint or remove using micellar water.

Remember, if you have a prominent gap, it may still need to be filled with powder or a pencil. Also, since this is literally colour, it will lighten in a few weeks.

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Want to know if brow tinting is meant for you? Here are some things to consider...

1. This is kinda obvious but if you have sparse eyebrows, brow tinting could be the answer for you. 
2. Do you spend many minutes shaping and filling your brows? If the answer is yes, brow-tinting could be a timesaver. All you need are 10-20 minutes on a lazy weekend and this should sort you out for 2-3 weeks.
3. Do you have light eyes? In that case, darker brows (with the help of a brow tint) may just bring more definition to the table.
4. Since the vegetable dye coats every inch of your hair, the diameter of each strand is bigger, making your brows more prominent. If brow-chica-wow is your beauty look, brow tints just maybe for you.

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Published on Mar 7, 2018
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