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Summer Lovin': 9 DIY Wax Kits To Get You Smooth And Shiny At Home!

Summer is approaching and in some cities, it is already here. You know what that means right? We can’t shield ourselves with our layers, it’s time to become hairless wonders again. On a serious note though, we all know how taxing, painful and expensive waxing appointments are. While I can’t do anything about taking away your pain (unless you cave and shave), I can help with the cost AND maybe even the comfort of the whole experience. I know it’s swimsuit and beach vacation season and there are some things only waxing can do.

So enough with the rambling, and let’s get into my list of the best wax kits that you should have in your arsenal for the summer!

So, do you have your weapon of choice for the de-hairing to begin?

Published on Mar 11, 2018
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