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Draped & Stitched: The Desi Dupatta Trend You Need To Try Right Now!

Draped & Stitched: The Desi Dupatta Trend You Need To Try Right Now!

Whoever says draping a dupatta is easy, is probably also a wizard. It’s bad enough that it’s either too short or dragging on the floor behind you. Remember the last wedding when you almost tripped and chipped a tooth. You’ve tried pinning your dupatta and well, you’re not a professional stylist, so whatever drape you try, it ends up falling apart. Well, God works in mysterious ways. And one of those ways is blessing us desi girls with trends that make the Indian dress code easier.

You don’t think trends just drop out of nowhere, do you? The inception starts with a certain need. The newest trend in the fashion playground is something you’d never want to part with: The pre-draped Indian dupatta. Yep, these dupattas come with pre-stitched layers to make your chunni woes dance away. Take a look at a few handpicked Indian designer numbers we stacked up for you:

1. Snow White

Oh, chunni, you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you blow my mind, oh chunni! Yes, I’m that crazy about this draped dupatta by Indian designer Bhaavya Bhatnagar. This is one example of why you shouldn’t underrate a solid white dupatta. With the right attention to detail and finesse, this is what you get - waterfall effect layers that’ll take your Indian outfit to new heights.

2. Midnight Blues


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The on-screen Indian goddess Debina Bonnerjee makes it look a bit too real, thanks to this pre-draped dupatta by designer brand, Kalki Fashions. Attached to an intricate border, this pre-draped dupatta outshines the pearl embellished top Debina is wearing. A must-have trend for wedding season, isn’t it?

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3. But First, Florals

Can you guess what totally made me screenshot this picture? The object of my affection here is this ruffled pre-draped floral dupatta by designer Richa Khemka. When you’ve got a plane jane Indian outfit and don’t feel like accessorising. It’s this floral chunni to the rescue. Phew!

4. Royalty Redefined

Indian designer label, SVA Couture, added another edge to this desi dupatta trend at LFW earlier in January ‘18. Along with an embroidered royal blue pre-draped dupatta, the label also added a matching elaborate belt. Makes for the ultimate wedding-worthy outfit, don’t you think?

5. Made You Blush

Pink is definitely the way to go if you want your Indian outfit giving everyone fairytale feels. Another ruffle sighting, this pre-draped dupatta by designer Disha Patil will make you stand out, to say the least. To mix it up, wear it over a cocktail gown or a floor-length kurta, along with striking strappy heels. Gotta love this desi trend, don’t you?