Fabulous Custom T-shirt Ideas To Make Your Wardrobe Slightly More YOU!

Fabulous Custom T-shirt Ideas To Make Your Wardrobe Slightly More YOU!

If clothes could talk, we believe they could talk about you all day. Your deepest passions and your darkest secrets. Whether you choose to wear black to a wedding or get decked up in a pantsuit for a job interview, a woman’s outfit is a glimpse into her personality. Having established that, there is one fashion item that allows you to express yourself in style… all kinds of printed slogan T-shirts, FTW! Scroll to see how designers do it to make statements of their own...


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And how sometimes celebrities use it just to have a little fun with their OOTDs!


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With the online marketplace bursting at the seams with websites that offer customisation, you can now put your vision onto your clothes. The most exciting bit: you have options of the picture to print, the font of the text and even the graphics! Think about it, you can LITERALLY get anything you want to be printed on a tee. If that has your mind racing, we have a few ideas right here to get you started: 

1. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Chic

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Hardcore music lovers are already familiar with this one! You have image options of album covers, band member lineups, individual artist portraits and much more. Mix and match your front print with back prints. Think song lyrics, album tracklists, concert dates etc.

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2. Movie Art To Bump Into Other Fans

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Movie posters and artwork make for interesting designs on a casual T-shirt. All you need to do is find great looking fanart, poster or screenshot from an indie film of your choice. Get these printed on the front and save your favourite movie dialogues and characters for the back!

3. Campaign Your Beliefs

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Stand in solidarity with issues you care about with empowering slogans and quotes printed on your outfit. You are bound to bump into a fellow campaigner and hey, it’s always great to make new friends! Gotta love fashion.

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4. Get One With Your BFF Or BAE

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No, couple custom T-shirts are not cheesy, even if your snarky colleague says otherwise. Get your BFF or partner in on the fun too. Use these customised printed T-shirts to showcase your love for each other. A couple print idea for ya: “We always finish each other’s…” “Sentences!”. You’re welcome.

5. One Liners To Start A Conversation

5 custom t-shirts

Cheeky and sarcastic one-liner prints make for a fun twist to a plain white tee. Let your sarcastic self out in the open with this monochrome slogan tee. This is sure to warrant a chuckle out of, at least, one person on the street.

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6. ‘So Simple Yet So Loud’ Prints

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You don’t have to pick loud, in-your-face prints to make a point with your T-shirt. A subtle and strategically placed print can be equally or, rather, more effective. With symbols and graphics already available to express a wide range of emotions, you are spoilt for choice here.

7. Wear Your Icons With Pride

7 custom t-shirts

We all have our idols, don’t we? People we admire and shape our lives according to. It can be someone from your family or a well-known face… Imagine how empowering carrying your inspirations on your chest could be. The best kind of motivation, TBH.

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8. Vintage Photographs Brought To Life

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A personal favourite is to send in my old family photographs for T-shirt printing. They make for excellent personalised gifts for friends and family. Let them know how much time and thought you put in your holiday presents (and hope they remember that while buying your next birthday gift).

9. Feel Good Quotes For Hard Days

9 custom t-shirts

We all have those quotes that get us through hard times. Immortalise your favourite quote on a plain T-shirt. This will be your pick-me-up for days you need an extra push on! And hey, maybe someone else will spot your tee on a bad day, and feel better. Worth a shot, no?

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