10 Comebacks For When Someone Comments On Your Complexion

10 Comebacks For When Someone Comments On Your Complexion

We live in a country of diversity and we have more than hundreds of shades of skin colour - some dark, some pale and some fair. Either way, judging someone on the basis of their complexion is simply not okay. Of course, racism is a long-standing social construct that will take us a while to eradicate. But, we millennials love breaking stereotypes at any given day and hour, and there’s no reason why we should take comments on our complexion sitting down quietly. We are beautiful and colour has nothing to do with it. 

Fair skin, especially in our country, is the ultimate attribute to have. Even most men tend to look for fair-skinned brides as if that makes them better life partners. And often, comments on one's skin are disguised as funny remarks from friends, families and even as casual comments from strangers and acquaintances, alike. So, the next time someone comments on your complexion, here are 10 kickass comebacks.

1. "Oh Gosh! You’ve gotten so tanned. Get a facial ASAP!"

Umm… I could get you some help instead!  

2. "Get some fairness cream before you start meeting guys!"

I'd rather not marry a guy judging me for my complexion, thank you very much.

2 complexion

3. "You’re a Gulab Jamun, not a Rasgulla."

Thank you, at least I am tasty AF!

4. "Don’t wear bright colours, you’re dark. They'll make you look darker."

*Picks out the brightest top in the closet and wears it like a boss*

5. "Dude, you’re so confident despite being dark!"

Just like how you’re SO confident despite being SO daft!

5 complexion

6. "Are you from South India?"

Mujhe states ke naam na sunai dete hai na dikhai dete hai, sirf ek mulk ka naam sunai deta hai I-N-D-I-A! Now leave!

7. "Put some homemade mask. Instant fairness!"

Is there any homemade mask to remove stupidity? Well, I thought so!

8. "You’re really lucky to be dating that fair guy!"

Yeah, because, unlike you, he’s not racist!

8 complexion

9. "Omg! You CANNOT wear red lipstick… it’s going to make you look darker!"

Just don't. Please.

10. Thank god you’re not dark… you’re only dusky.

Well, thank god we’re not friends anymore.

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