13 Kids' TV Shows From The 90s This Generation Needs To Watch

13 Kids' TV Shows From The 90s This Generation Needs To Watch

This generation might have it better when it comes to the numerous apps and technology but there is no denying that the 90s kids were blessed with the best television shows. TV time for us was a few hours of wholesome and entertaining content, not the type we get now, mindless and a little inappropriate, to be honest. It was educational, hilarious and entertaining. Not only did we laugh, we usually came away with some important lessons too. So here are 13 shows today's children, like your little ones, your siblings or your nieces and nephews, need to watch. 

1. The Powerpuff Girls

As a child, The Powerpuff Girls - Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles - were my heroes. Their 'fighting crime, trying to save the world' was my ultimate motto. Growing up and rewatching the series, I realised all was not as innocent as it seemed. But nevertheless, it's an excellent show for kids to watch and show that girls can fight bad guys and save the world too!

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2. Dexter's Laboratory

If you haven't annoyed your little sibling like Dede annoyed Dexter, are you even siblings? The hilarious exchanges between the brother-sister duo, Dexter's science experiments and his adventures with his friends were a delight to watch.

3. Tom And Jerry

I. CANNOT. EVEN! I know so many kids of this generation who haven't watched a single episode of this adorable series and parents, uncles and aunts, if you're listening, you know what to do!

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4. Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Legends of the Hidden Temple is the OG action-adventure show that aired on Nickelodeon back in the early 1990s. With 6 teams attempting to retrieve the 'hidden treasures' and trying to escape the Mayan guards, it was one fun show to watch. You'd have a favourite team right at the start (depending on what your favourite colour at the moment was) and root for them all throughout!

5. Bob The Builder

'Bob, the builder, can we fix it? Bob the builder, yes we can!' Maybe that's where Barack Obama got his inspiration from. With new situations and problems faced every episode, Bob and his team's ingenious ideas and solutions are important lessons for all of us in conflict resolution till date!

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6. Jetsons

Even though this show was aired in the early 60s with new episodes in the 80s, it was still a childhood favourite for me. Living in a comical and slightly weird version of the future, the Jetsons were an adorable family with their daily struggles and hilarious to watch. Give it a go, at least once!

7. That's So Raven

Let's all be honest. That's So Raven is one of the funniest shows we ever saw as kids! Raven Baxter, a psychic, and her friends often found themselves in the most incredulous and hilarious situations ever. You had to be as tough as a nail to not enjoy this Disney original!

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8. Flintstones

The Flintstones was the stone-age counterpart of The Jetsons. Set in the stone-age, obviously, it chronicled the daily lives of Fred Flintstone, his wife Wilma, their daughter Pebbles, their pet dinosaur Dino and next door neighbours (and best friends), The Rubbles.

9. The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody

All you Cole Sprouse fans need to watch The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody if you haven't already. That is where the awesomeness started. And it was doubled because Dylan Sprouse was in it too! They remade it in Hindi as 'The Suite Life of Karan and Kabir' but you can give this one a miss!

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10. Blue's Clues

Blue's Clues, one of the longest-running shows, is about a dog, Blue, who leaves clues everywhere for a treasure hunt for the host and the viewers. The producers of the show wanted to 'empower, challenge, and build the self-esteem of preschoolers' while entertaining them, thus making it one of the most educational series for kids.

11. Takeshi's Castle

Tell me one show that comes close to being as funny as this one, with Javed Jaffrey's hilarious commentary and contestants who would trip and fall all the time, and I shall accept defeat (no I shan't)!

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12. Figure It Out

Another quiz show that was extremely fun to watch as a child. Not only was it exciting to shout out the answers before the contestant but bet you me, the green slime action was crazy entertaining too!

13. Bill Nye The Science Guy

Not only were the experiments awesome, but super educational too. And if you don't believe me, there is actually a study that proved that the viewers of the show "made more observations and sophisticated classifications than non-viewers". Do you need any more reasons to have your little siblings or kids watch this?

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