#Mommy&Me: What One Small Change In Our Skincare Routine Did For Us!

#Mommy&Me: What One Small Change In Our Skincare Routine Did For Us!

My mother always made sure that I steered clear of cosmetics at a young age. So now when I am told that I have great skin, I tell everyone, “I got it from my momma!” Needless to say, I still depend on her for skincare advice and it pays off because I am often complimented about it.  

Ma follows a strict skincare regimen that includes home remedies and daily CTM. So, taking a cue from my idol, I adopted them, too. The mix of besan and curd was my go-to scrub as a teenager, while my friends used a variety of beauty products that often led to skincare problems. A colleague recently started using the Melblok Home Kit to help bring her glow back and I could see tremendous change in her skin. So, even I gave it a shot and updated my beauty routine.

The kit that I bought comes with a day cream and a night cream. I also got Melblok’s face wash that's also highly recommended with the kit. The instructions clearly stated that I should avoid using scrubs, facials or any sort of bleach while I am using these creams as they may cause a reaction. It also said that I might face mild irritation on my face after I apply the cream if my skin is damaged, which is normal. I was skeptical in the beginning, but these creams help in clearing pigmentation and getting the glow back, so it was totally worth a shot.

melblok cream my skincare routine inside

I used both the creams and the face wash on a daily basis. The face wash made my skin feel soft and supple and helped to restore its healthy balance. The day cream felt a little dry on my skin at first, but I got used to it because it’s almost that time of the year when you sweat a lot and something that doesn’t feel too oily is the way to go. The night cream, on the other hand, was comfortable and moist. I am someone who likes to scrub her face once a week, but this was the week that I didn’t use anything on my face because I didn’t find the need. The light flakiness was gone and my skin felt smooth and soft.

My mother, who is in solidarity with me for almost everything, used these creams and felt that the mild spots on her face had lightened. She also woke up with a flawless complexion and you can believe her when she says this because she is twice as conscious as I am!

Overall, I feel that it’s a great investment because there is nothing better than looking great without any make-up on. So, if you’re a momma’s girl just like me, give her (and yourself) this treat. There is really no substitute for our natural, glowing skin tone!

*This is a sponsored post for Melblok.