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Say Hello To Twin Sets AKA Jumpsuits 2.0 (Easy Bathroom Breaks FTW)

When jumpsuits first made an appearance, it was on every girl’s wish list. Why wouldn’t they be? They revolutionised work dressing and worked just as well at parties. Let’s not forget how the western style took over Indian wardrobes. Indian designers made the jumpsuit more elaborate, paired them with dupattas, detachable skirts et al. While they ARE elegant, edgy and fun at the same time, bathroom breaks are beyond difficult. Especially when us girls have been bestowed with small bladders. Also, jumpsuits aren’t universally flattering. Too short, too tall? There’s a chance the crotch will either be too long or not long enough.  

If you’re in the said boat, you can keep your one-piece woes behind you. So long, jumpsuits. Meet a girl’s new best friend - the Twin Sets. The fashion term is self-explanatory; two separates that were designed out of the same fabric, and look exactly the same. And you know what’s great? They are the smoothest substitutes for jumpsuits. Yep, twin sets create the illusion of a jumpsuit. This trend has been on a raging roll lately, with fashion girls, Hollywood and Bollywood pretty much obsessed with it. Don’t control your excitement ‘coz these top-bottom twin sets are what you’ve been waiting all along for:

P.S. Remember to accessorise, girls. Happy twinning!

Published on Mar 10, 2018
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