Reopen Your Bling Box! We Found Ways To Fix ALL Your Broken Jewellery!

Reopen Your Bling Box! We Found Ways To Fix ALL Your Broken Jewellery!

To cope with the loss of my shattered chunky gemstone necklace I had to belt out Mariah Carey’s eponymous song lyrics “Letting go ain’t easy..”. Picking up the leftover pieces of that gorgeous necklace my mind drifted to the beaded slippers I had on. An idea popped into my head. Every woman's vanity has a collection of broken jewels that are beyond repair but cannot be discarded because they are just so pretty or pricey.  

Even though broken jewellery still remains in its beautiful charming self. It’s on you, as a bonafide fashionista, to not let go and find a new purpose for them. We are here to tell you that with your brilliant DIY skills and just a little bit of help from the in-house jeweller, all of your broken bling can be reused. We found a few ways for you to get started right here!

1. Embellish Some Blank Canvases

1 broken jewellery

Whether you love to sew or use a hot glue, upgrading your basics with broken bling will be first on your priority list. All of your broken pearls and beads can be embellished onto sweaters, jackets and jeans. Just be careful to hit the right spots!

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2. Get Them Bedazzled Summer Slides

2 broken jewellery

Strappy heels, flat sandals and flip flops have one thing in common: a plain surface that offers unlimited options to bling it up! Convert your plain winter footwear into happy and fun summer sandals, all you need is a strong adhesive and a bunch of stay broken jewellery pieces. Mix and match metal and gems to come up with a variety of designs and looks.

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3. Repurpose Into A Different Kind Of Jewellery

3 broken jewellery

Most of your silver and imitation jewellery can be DIY-ed into other forms of ornaments. Tie a length of silk ribbon on ends of a broken bracelet to convert into a necklace or wound a cut up hair tie into loose pearls to make your own wristlet. The creativity lies with you as to what kind of binding agent you wish to use, make your choices depending upon the material of the broken jewellery piece.  

4. The Jeweller’s Alternative

4 broken jewellery

This one might require you to make a trip to your local jeweller. Fuse your broken jewellery with others to alter, embellish or lengthen them. There are quite a few ways to go about this, add a few extra cms to your necklaces, fuse broken trinkets with cuffs or bracelets or get your silver anklets embedded with precious gems.

5. Make Your Own Party Clutch

5 broken jewellery

Have been crushing over all the jewelled Chanel and Prada clutches? How about you make your own! Adhere fallen off gems to plain synthetic pouches or stick on metal parts from broken jewellery to hard box clutches. Any number or broken hoops can we wound into your clutch buckles for some added drama!

6. Create DIY Hair Accessories

6 broken jewellery

If your jewellery box is filled to the brim with broken and tangled pieces of jewellery you dare not put on anymore, this will be your way to salvage them. Create chic hair accessories out of your danglers, bracelets and anklets. Use cut up hair ties and bobby pins to hold these jewellery pieces in place.

7. Brooch Belts To Go With All Your Dresses

7 broken jewellery

Cinch belts are an excellent addition to flowy dresses, as an accessory and a way to give them a more flattering silhouette. Take your solid belts from a supportive piece to being a statement piece in your ensemble. DIY an ornamented buckled belt to wear with all of your dresses.

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