7 Bollywood Movies That Set Unrealistic Beauty Standards For Women!

7 Bollywood Movies That Set Unrealistic Beauty Standards For Women!

I grew up with glasses, braces and a bad haircut, all in all, I would be Karan Johar's greatest find. Why? Because then he could do a movie on how a boy's attention forced me to become a 'girl'. Alas, I had no such luck but that didn't stand in the way of Bollywood. The Indian Film Industry has a recurring habit of setting unrealistic beauty standards for women and so I made a list of 8 Bollywood movies that did the same. 

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1. Kal Ho Na Ho 

From introducing the term Chashmish in the vocabulary of every guy I went to school with to actually making Naina believe that she only looks beautiful without her glasses, this movie made every teenage girl doubt herself. Including me. 

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2. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 

I don't need to elaborate on this one, Rahul only falls in love with Anjali once she grows out her hair and wears a sari. Also, look at that makeup! The tomboy is finally worth loving. 

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3. Mujhse Dosti Karoge!

Please have a look at this GIF before I say anything. Of course, Hrithik's character walks right past Rani Mukherji and assumes Kareena Kapoor is the gorgeous girl he's been fantasizing a childhood romance with. For once can Bollywood give us a story where they pick the not-so-fancy girl on purpose and not out of compulsion? 

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4. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Was it Aditi or Naina or was it both? Probably both. Aditi transforms into a girl after she grows out her hair to become the 'Dulhan'. Naina on the other hand finally gets that second look from Bunny! But only after taking off her glasses and filling in her brows.  

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5. Student Of The Year

This isn't actually about a boy, thank god! Shanaya walks through college like she's walking the ramp, the makeup, and clothes on point, which only makes you wonder if you did something wrong during your college life. 

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6. Main Hoon Na

Remember the scene in which Lucky's jaw drops at the sight of Sanjana's new found 'generic' beauty? Miss Chandni shouldn't be proud of this transformation, she broke a perfectly good college kid!

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7. Aisha

This movie picked every beauty stereotype and turned it into a person - Aisha. Which lead to the creation of a few more Aishas, for example, when she turns her Shefali into a clone.  

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It's time to watch these movies in a new light!

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