These Celeb Gym Looks Are All The Motivation You Need To Start Working Out!

These Celeb Gym Looks Are All The Motivation You Need To Start Working Out!

It’s March already and you’ve been asking yourself the same question every day. Will today be the day I leave the comfort of my bed at 6 am and FINALLY go to the gym? This happens every day, and you don’t know if anything is ever going to get you off your butt. Been there, done that - and it’s never too late to get started, girls.

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Sure, going to the gym isn’t as glamorous as how ‘Poo’ made it look. No one gets this excited and goes ‘gym class today!’ K3G style. However, if you’re going to get that summer bod, you need work out motivation, and quick. That is just what I have for you… Bollywood celebs’ gym clothes have been doing the rounds as fashion inspo. But they are also sure to get you doing planks and squats on the spot! Here they are.

1. Power Blue


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B-town hottie Kat Kaif didn’t get that bod by munching on Pringles all day, did she? Look at that powder blue sports bra, women. More importantly, look at those magnificent abs! Makes you want to plank till the end of time, doesn’t it?

2. Keep It Short

It’s no secret that Malaika Arora Khan just might be Bollywood’s hottest mom ever (with Bebo as a close 2nd, of course). And she knows it! Thanks to Malaika’s patterned gym shorts, you can’t miss those toned thighs even if you tried. Get up, now!

3. Pink About It

Parineeti Chopra knows how to set #fitnessgoals. We know this not just by looking at this exhausted post-workout picture, but also her gym outfit. Good enough reason to crush it at the gym, I believe.

4. Co-ord Circuit

A fashion girl is a fashion girl, no matter the task at hand. Shilpa Shetty Kundra keeps it fresh with a white floral co-ord gym look and looks beyond stylish. You know what you need to do, don’t you? Just do it. *wink*

5. Bat-Woman


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Do it like Amrita Arora and keep it casual in the gym - when you’re fit, nothing is ‘too’ casual. A logo or slogan tee, leggings and a flannel shirt tied around the waist. Want to try this street style gym look? The dumbells are waiting.

6. Bend It Like Bebo

This woman is a gym goddess in that slogan tank and leggings. We all saw… it didn’t even take her a year to get back in shape, or even better shape, I reckon. A quirky slogan would make working up a sweat more fun, wouldn’t it?

7. All Black


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Bollywood’s very own transformation case, Sonakshi Sinha has a killer gym wardrobe. Prints and patterns are great, but nothing can beat an all-black workout look, can it? Like they say, a good outfit makes sweat feel more like your own personal sparkle.

Now that you have enough motivation to get that gym membership… Ready, set, gym!