6 Girls Share The Best Marriage Advice They Have Ever Received!

6 Girls Share The Best Marriage Advice They Have Ever Received!

Marriage is all about compromises and adjustments, blah, blah and blah. Now isn’t that the most common thing you always hear from people when it comes to marriage? And haven’t we all received endless advice as soon we reach a marriageable age and the rishtas start pouring in. While there are some you don’t give heed to, others can change your perspective for the better. We asked our friends to share the best marriage advice they’ve ever received and here are some highlights from their shared experiences. Read on...

1. Whatever you do, wherever you go.. its two of you now

There is no such thing as a blissfully happy marriage. You never know how it would turn out to be. It's just like life.. We have our ups and downs, similarly we have ups and downs in marriage. At first it is challenging. It's hard to live with a boy (at least, in my case!). We know how boys are to live with, right? But that’s nothing but getting used to each other as time passes. We both learn how we like to spend our lives together and what the other likes and dislikes. We try to bring our relationship into a balanced mode. My advice would be to give your marriage some time, always give it time. If we have complicated issues, it gets better with time. And the best part of marriage is that even when you are bored with everyday life, you are not alone in it, you have a partner with you. Whatever you do, wherever you go, it's two of you now..

Sudeshna Tarafdar Bose, Software Business Developer

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2. Don’t hold on to small grudges

Let the small things go - I think this is a good motto to live by to help avoid unnecessary bickering and negativing in your daily life. When you're living together, it's pretty normal to get easily annoyed over mundane issues like, "You never put the cap back on the toothpaste after you use it,". Issues like that are nothing in the larger scheme of things, so there's no point creating drama around it everyday. Avoid name-calling, yelling and emotionalising every conversation and you're both bound to be happier and more positive.

Priyanka Ghura, Assistant Editor, POPxo

3. Be happy to make others happy

The best advice that I have ever received is, you should be happy to make others happy. It is useless to be in a partnership where one partner bears the fruit of labour and the other only enjoys. So, equality, love, and respect for your partner is the key to a happy married life.

Kankan Saumya Dey, Teacher at Loretto House


4. DO NOT rush into it!

“There is a huge difference between meeting a boy, liking him and being ready to marry him, and you need to wait until the first turns into the last.” My aunt said this to me when I was a little nervous about coming to a marriageable age. Rishtas were pouring in and that’s somehow all people could talk about. While I was blatantly refusing to meet anyone, I was also getting annoyed at the idea of my family looking for someone. That’s when my aunt said this to me. She said that just because I may be looking for someone now doesn’t mean that I will be married the same year. You need to give it time, give in to the process. Get to know him, travel with him, understand his family and their dynamics and then and ONLY then will you even be allowed to think about marrying him. It is very easy to have a wedding, but if you want a marriage that lasts, you can’t rush into things. YOU need to be sure, HE needs to be sure and then YOU BOTH need to be sure. I think that advice sort of stuck.

Kannagi Desai, Junior Beauty Editor, POPxo

5. When food connects the soul. Like, literally!

This was something that my dad had told me, since he knows my undying love for food, that I know I am marrying the right guy if I feel the same way about him as I feel about ‘Kosha Mangsho’. And don't stop arguing or fighting, it’s absolutely normal and that is what lets you know that you still want to be each other.

Satarupa Ghosh, Catering Business

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6. Don’t compare yourself to others

Don’t let every little fight affect your lives and don’t compare yourself to other people. Everyone is different! Although there will be times where you wish he did that or she did this, don’t undermine what you have. Every relationship has ups and downs but communication is very important. I’ve realised that it’s best to have a heartfelt conversation whenever something upsets you. Also one of the best pieces of advice somebody once gave me that kind of stuck with me was ‘Give each other the time and space to grow as individuals.’

- Nidhi Kavle, Senior Beauty Writer

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