Hairflip And Chill! These Beauty Tips Will Help You Ace That Summer Wedding Guest Look!

Hairflip And Chill! These Beauty Tips Will Help You Ace That Summer Wedding Guest Look!

Weddings are when we wear the best of clothes and jewellery, put on all our finery, go all out with make-up and hair… basically, we leave no stone unturned to look our fabulous best! Now, while we’re sure you’re doing your level best to look stunning, there are some beauty tips for skin and hair that will make your summer wedding look last all through the function. Because of ladies, sometimes, no matter how hard we try, the weather plays spoilsport and ruins our look. But fret not, because these tips will ensure you look as dreamy when you leave the wedding function, as you looked when you entered the venue. Have a look at these simple tips that are going to be so useful!

1. Start With A Face Pack

We’d like to stress on the importance of prepping your face before you are to attend a wedding. Apply a hydrating face pack will prepare the perfect canvas for make-up. It will also cleanse the skin well and give your face a lovely glow. And it doesn’t end here, a good face pack will act as an instant pick-me-up for your tired skin after a long day at work.

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2. Ice Ice Baby

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Rubbing some ice in a circular motion all over your face will shrink any open pores, which in turn will reduce sweating and excess sebum production. It will also take care of any puffiness around the eyes or inflamed spots anywhere on your face.

3. Don’t Forget To Use A Setting Spray

Be it your make-up or fancy hairdo, applying the right amount of setting spray is an absolute must. While a setting spray will ensure that your make-up lasts throughout the evening as you dance and have a good time, the hair setting spray will tame all flyaways and keep your hair in place till the end of the function. However, for your hair, make sure you don’t overspray it as too much product can make your hair look oily very quickly.

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4. Say No To Oily Products

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The hot months lead to a considerable amount of sweating and sebum production. If you’re attending a day wedding, opt for a fresh-faced minimal look. Make the most of a brightening concealer with a water-based foundation for a sheer finish. If you’re big on coverage, make most of an oil-free moisturiser and mineral-based foundations. Finish with loose powder. Baking your face will control any excess sebum production, which is important in the hot months. As for blushes and bronzers, choose powder based ones instead of liquid ones.  

5. Second Day Hair Works Better

If you’re looking to go for an elaborate hairdo, do not wash your hair on the same day as when you are to attend a summer wedding. This is because the heat and humidity can make the hair more frizzy making it difficult to tame down. Second day hair will be easier to manage and place into a nice updo.

6. Updos Over Open Tresses 

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While open hair looks stunning at weddings, we strongly recommend an updo as that will keep you from being hot and sweaty. Open hair also tends to become unruly after a point due to the heat and all the dancing. Secure your updo with some hairspray and bobby pins, and you’re all set ladies.

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7. Grab That Purse Perfume

Burning the dance floor at the sangeet is what makes Indian weddings so much fun, right? The downside to this is it can lead to you becoming sweaty, and that can lead to foul odour. Here is when a strong purse perfume comes handy. Carry a small perfume in your party bag and spritz some on every now and then to feel and smell fresh!


8. Hydrate Your Body

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Not only before the function, but also during the course of the event, make it a point to keep sipping on water. This will ensure your body and skin are hydrated and glowy. It will make you feel and look fresh, and keep bad breath at bay.

9. Touch-Up Tricks

Never leave for a summer wedding function without your lipstick for the evening, a setting powder and blotting paper in your clutch bag. While re-applying your lipstick every now and then will keep your stunning look intact, setting powder and blotting paper will ensure your face doesn’t become too oily and your make-up doesn’t smudge. Remember these tips ladies, they’ll go a long way!

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