8 Burning Questions I Have After Watching The First Week Of 'Bepannaah'

8 Burning Questions I Have After Watching The First Week Of 'Bepannaah'

My mother was ecstatic over the fact that I was joining her in her daily 9 PM saas-bahu TV show saga instead of sitting with my book in another room. And I have to say I was fairly excited myself. I had seen Bepannaah's trailer and the storyline was intriguing. A couple speculates that their respective partners had been cheating on them when they discover them dead, together. The trailer itself boasted of drama, thrill and eventual romance. Jennifer Winget as Zoya Siddiqui looked pretty as a picture (like always) and Harshad Chopra as Aditya Hooda was enough to give you butterflies in your stomach. With a good supporting cast, Bepannaah looked promising. Now, here I am, one week through the show and with eight questions about the plot that have made me hold my head in my hands.

1. HOW were Pooja and Yash holding hands?

From the trailer, I figured the partners (the ones who are allegedly cheating) were found dead in a house and that's why they were holding hands. In the show, however, they have a car accident where the car goes off a cliff... and their bodies are pulled out holding hands?

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2. Who sleeps with a white see-through shirt at night?

Like, really. C'mon. I don't care how rich you are, you are not sleeping with a see-through white shirt. That's what Aditya is seen wearing in his introductory scene.  

3. Why don't we have pilots who can land perfectly in zero visibility?

All those flights we had to cancel because we didn't have Captain Aditya Hooda in our lives. What a shame! Here's what happens: Aditya is flying a plane full of passengers from Mumbai to Kathmandu, because of bad weather conditions they are asked to turn towards Delhi, a passenger gets chest pain so Captain Hooda decides he will be the saviour and will land the plane in Dehradun despite zero visibility. And, despite being told he needs to take the plane to Delhi by the authorities, because "no lives will be lost today." The hero is here!

4. Why go to Mussoorie from Dehradun to buy a gift?

Since Aditya and crew can't fly to Kathmandu anymore, he decides he might as well go buy his wife a birthday present...all the way in Mussorie. Why not Dehradun? Dehradun has malls! But no, he'd rather go all the way to Mussoorie's local gift shop to buy a... gramophone.

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5. Why didn't Zoya ask Yash where he was going?

You could be a trusting and understanding wife, but you'd still ask your husband where he is going when he tells you there is somewhere he needs to go on the eve of your anniversary. All Yash says is "I gotta go" and Zoya is like, "Oh, cool!"

6. How did she assume he was going out of town?

All Yash says is he needs to leave and he will be back before midnight. So, how does she assume he is going out of town and start packing his bag? And why does he need a bag for a couple of hours?

7. Of all gifts in the whole wide world, both Zoya and Aditya wanted to buy a gramophone that wouldn't work?

Or do they want us to believe a local gift shop would have an original gramophone in Mussoorie?

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8. Why do all the senti scenes happen in the church?

If Zoya is Muslim and Aditya is Hindu, how come both of them run to the church when they want to cry? When will these clichés stop?

I happened to have some expectations from Bepannah. I've enjoyed both the lead actors before and it seemed like they'd bring me a good story and a quality daily soap rather than the same old three-times-head-flip (which is also how this show begins, by the way). But alas, that's not the case. I will admit I am still intrigued by the storyline. I might check up on the show once in a while to find out what's happening, but there is no way I can watch it on a daily basis with all the excessive melodrama and plot holes like all of the above.

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