10 Rock Solid Beauty Habits That Should Be In Place Before You Hit 25

10 Rock Solid Beauty Habits That Should Be In Place Before You Hit 25

I don’t care about being ‘forever young’, said no one ever! Let’s be honest ladies, we’re terrified at the thought of ageing, wrinkled skin and for some of us, strands of white hair. Glossy, long tresses, and glowing, taut skin is what we want, FOREVER! While some are blessed with a great gene pool, others need to sincerely follow good beauty habits, and change them around as per age and requirement, in order to look fabulous at every age. We feel you, the latter lot. This is exactly why we did some research and are listing out 10 beauty habits you need to have by the time you’re 25. Yes, you must start as early as that!

1. Stick To The CTM Routine

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Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise. This beauty regime is the key to good skin health and a great complexion. Choose a face cleanser as per your skin type and wash your face in the morning and before you go to bed. Follow this with a toner. Toning your skin will remove all the remaining dirt and close your pores. Moisturise after this to get skin that’s supple, hydrated and glowy. If not twice in a day, follow this routine once before you go to bed.

2. Night Cream Is A Must

It is at night, as you sleep, that your skin repairs itself. And when you apply a good night cream before hitting the sack, this repair work is more efficient and speedy. So ladies, consult a dermatologist and see which night cream will suit your skin best.

3. Never Skimp On Sunscreen

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Whether the day is a sunny one or cloudy and rainy, make it a point to wear SPF before you head outdoors. This will slow down the ageing process and protect your skin from the UV damage.

4. DIY Face & Hair Masks Over The Weekend

Come what may, dedicate an hour or two to your beauty regime on the weekend. Apply a good hair and face mask so that your skin and hair get some much needed nourishment they need after being exposed to the sun and pollution all through the week.

5. Take Better Care Of Your Make-Up

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Firstly, it is imperative that you wash your make-up brushes every fortnight. Dirty brushes and sponges attract bacteria which eventually passes on to your face leading to acne. So, make it a point to wash them with soap every 15 days. Secondly, keep an eye out for the expiry date of your make-up products. Using expired make-up can wreak havoc for your skin, so make sure you aren’t using products that are bad for your skin.

6. Hello, Cardio Glow!

Ladies, no matter how busy your day is, take out an hour and go for a run or hit the gym. Because all beauty regimes and face masks aside, the glow that comes from within when you burn some calories is something else. Sweating also detoxes your body so it’s a win-win!

7. Get Yourself Some Silk Pillowcases

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Trust us, your skin and hair will thank you for this. Silk is easy on the hair and skin and doesn’t strip them of their essential moisture. So ladies, let go of that cotton bed linen, and opt for the silk alternative.  

8. Clean Up Your Diet

Your skin is directly related to what you eat. So this is the king of all beauty habits, ladies. Don’t overdo it on coffee, spicy food or dishes that are too oily. Gorge on fruits, green leafy vegetables and lots of water! Add superfoods like flaxseeds, spirulina, Omega-3 supplements for a beauty boost.

9. Remove ALL Your Make-up Before Going To Bed

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This is absolutely non-negotiable. You MUST remove all traces of your make-up before you call it a night. While cleaning it off with a mild face cleanser is essential, it isn’t always enough. Instead of using cleansing milk, try some micellar water. It’s light on your skin and helps remove every speck of make-up.

10. Be Happy With The Way You Look, Beautiful!

This is key - always remember that you’re beautiful just as you are! Do not conform to unrealistic beauty standards and keep it as real and natural as can be. Now give us a big smile and jump onto the awesome beauty habits wagon already!

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