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The 'Grape' Beauty Upgrade: This Super Fruit Is Not Just To Make Wine!

The 'Grape' Beauty Upgrade: This Super Fruit Is Not Just To Make Wine!

Give me a bowl of juicy grapes and I'll be your best friend! What I love about these babies is that you never know what flavour you'll get until you pop one in your mouth. The beauty of these tiny fruits is that just how all five fingers aren't the same, these too, vary in colour, size and form. In a nutshell, what's not to love about them? They're a rich source of fibre, nutrients and minerals. They also protect the heart from diseases like cancer and improve blood pressure. Just so you know, the world makes wine from the majority of the production of grapes, the remaining lot is either consumed as a raw fruit or exposed in sun to dry up. Grapes were initially domestically cultivated in the Middle East and later became popular in other countries. They can reverse the skin’s ageing process and have many health benefits too. Let’s check them out, shall we? Here are 10 benefits of grapes for skin and hair!

1. Hello, Happy Skin!

 grape main

Since grapes are rich in resveratrol, polyphenols and antioxidants, they keep the fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Consume too many of them and they’ll help treat acne too. Also, when you combine resveratrol with benzoyl peroxide, it’s magic! Together, they help free radicals and destroy acne-causing bacteria. Not to mention that grapes provide vitamin C to the body and help in the formation of collagen. It’s this very fibre-like protein that reverses signs of ageing and retains skin’s elasticity.  

2. They Improve Vision Like A Pro

Eating a handful of grapes every day will protect the retina from getting deteriorated and help aid better vision. While it brings down inflammatory protein levels, it also increases the number of protective proteins in the retina. It doesn’t just end there, ladies, due to the high levels of antioxidant content in grapes, it helps counter oxidative stress and keeps your eyes healthy.  

3. They’re Fab For Your Knees

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Due to the polyphenol content in the grapes, it helps prevent flexibility and mobility of the joints.  If you’re experiencing pain on your knees, munching on grapes can offer instant relief. If the pain still persists, you should take help from a physiotherapist or engage in a few physical activities like wall squats, leg presses and side leg raises.   

4. Happiness Is A Having A Healthy Heart

Did you know that grapes are rich in potassium? Due to this reason, it naturally lowers sodium content and prevents a person from falling victim to high cholesterol, blood pressure and heart attacks. After all, the antioxidant content is the highest in the seeds and skin. Hence, it’s best for you to not peel the skin of the grape and consume it directly with the seed.

5. You’ll Become A Smarty

grape 2

Eating grapes regularly can boost your memory immensely. You see, the resveratrol content in the fruit increases blood flow to the brain. Since neurons are stimulated, you may experience quicker mental responses. Not to forget that they help cleanse the body from free radicals.  

6. Sunburns, Be Gone!

Even if you applied sunscreen, the sun can be super harsh leaving you sunburned at times. This may come as a surprise to you, but grapes make the perfect home remedy. All you’ve got to do is mash a few grapes and put the paste on your face. Since these babies are packed with proanthocyanidins and resveratrol, they help protect your skin from UV damage. Plus, it acts as a natural sunscreen and reduces the redness caused by sunburns.  

7. Buh-Bye Scars & Marks

grape 4

Grapes are packed with vitamin C and they help lighten scars that are caused due to acne! You can directly apply the pulp to your face or make a paste of it using alum and salt. Start by wrapping all ingredients in a foil and bake them for 15-20 minutes. Carefully unwrap the foil and use your fingers to pick and apply the paste to your face.

8. When Grapes Love Your Locks

If you want long and strong hair, you’ve got to give grapes a shot! Packed with linoleic acid, grape seeds help strengthen the follicle and prevent hair loss. Mash a few grapes in a container and generously apply it to your hair. Wash it off only after 15-20 minutes.

9. Glossy Hair For The Win

grapes 5

When your hair lacks lustre and shine, that’s when you try the grape juice therapy. Make a hair mask pack using chickpea flour and fenugreek powder. Apply the gooey mask on your strands and leave it to dry for a good 30-40 minutes. Only wash your hair after the mask thickens and hardens.

10. A Natural Exfoliant

One of the main reasons to fall in love with grapes is because it’s loaded with vitamin E. You can also use the pulp as a natural exfoliant. Using the pulp to scrub the dead skin cells off will make sure that you are left with smooth and supple skin. Care to try?

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Published on Mar 2, 2018
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