7 Annoying Things Every Bride's Younger Sister Is SO Tired Of Hearing!

7 Annoying Things Every Bride's Younger Sister Is SO Tired Of Hearing!

Didi ki shaadi means a bucketload of responsibilities and a never-ending surge of emotions. While you have to be by your sister's side at all times, you also have to make sure that everything goes smoothly and the arrangements are in place. But apart from that, there is one more thing that a bride's younger sister has to do - listen to all kinds of annoying things people say to her, intentionally or unintentionally! Here are 7 things almost all younger sisters get to hear when the elder one gets married.  

1. You're next...

The classic, number one thing that nobody wants to hear but is most definitely subjected to. Not once or twice, but hundreds of times. And even though girls secretly enjoy it for the first few times, they surely get annoyed after they hear it from every other person they meet!

2. Saali hoti hai aadhi gharwali...

Oh my God, who even came up with this? No, just NO!


3. You will get so many rishtas at the wedding, maybe you'll get married soon too!

Courtesy rishta karane wali aunties and all the people who come to the wedding with the sole purpose of finding a suitable bride for their boy. A bride's sister is the number one target for such people and since rishtas are pouring in for you, people tend to tease you all the more.

4. You'll miss your sister so much after her marriage, no? 

How is this even a question? And to think that you've not already thought about it? Obviously, you'll miss her like crazy after she goes to a new home! People just need to stop reminding you of that!

5. Beta, can you arrange a parlour for us too?

*Sure aunty! Last minute parlour arrangements are not a pain at all! They were just waiting for me to make those reservations for you!*

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6. Don't mind, but the groom's sister is looking prettier than you!

*Okay, how dare you!? Even if she is looking prettier (huh, as if!), then why say it to my face? Just go talk about who wore what in your little gossip group, no!*

7. The groom's side had a better dance performance...

*One thing, no they didn't! And two, I'm no Madhuri Dixit!* 

These were just a few things that are enough to annoy the hell out of anyone! Especially at a time when you're already under so much stress because of your badi behen's wedding. But well, it's best keep calm and carry on! 

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