All You Need To Know About 'Khichdi' Before You Start Watching The New Season!

All You Need To Know About 'Khichdi' Before You Start Watching The New Season!

Khichdi, without a doubt, is one of the funniest shows to ever grace Indian television. When we talk about shows that will go down in the history of Indian television, Khichdi is right up there along with classics like Dekh Bhai Dekh, Tu Tu Main Main and Office Office. Did you know Khichdi was, in fact, one of the first shows to adopt the model of seasons instead of the accepted Indian way of television series that continue for years with no end in sight.

And if, like us, you're super excited that Khichdi is returning on our television screens again then yay! But, if you missed out on the first two seasons and the movie because it just didn't feel like your thing (or you were too young), then fret not! We're here with a complete family chart and some information about each character so you aren't completely lost and confused. Ready? Well, here we go!

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Tulsidas Parekh

The patriarch of this absolutely crazy family, and their home Mohan Niwas, he may be the only adult with brains! He's usually in a grumpy mood but time has proven that he has a heart of gold. Referred to as Babuji, he's perpetually annoyed with his dim-witted son Praful and his wife Hansa. Also, can be heard screaming "Jayshree, chai laa rahi ho ya me bahar se mangwa lu?" 

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Praful Parekh

Arguably the funniest character on the show. A silly, almost to the point of stupid, man who could not do anything right. Praful and Babuji got into a lot of arguments, mainly because of Praful's stupidity but eventually, Praful always won, thanks to his mindless arguments. He is totally in love with Hansa and does a lot of cute little things for her, like explain 'complicated' English words!

Hansa Parekh

If there is anyone who won our hearts with their innocence, it has to be Hansa. She may be extremely lazy, stupid and a little materialistic, but she's also extremely sweet. Not only does she treat everyone with love and respect, you'll always find her with a smile on her face. Dressed in a saree with that mandatory gajra her favourite lines are "Haye, me to thak gayi bhaishaab" and "Hello, how are? Khaana khaa ke jaana!"

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Jayshree Parekh 

Jayshree is the second daughter-in-law of the Parekh family and the wife of Bharat. Her husband passed away before the series started and it is an unsaid rule that nobody talks about it! Since she loves to cook, we see her doing most of the kitchen work usually. Also, her favourite pastime is gossiping which she starts with hilarious lines like "Kehne ko toh aaj maine babuji ki chai me chuhe maarne ki dawa mila di."

Jackky & Chakki Parekh

The youngest generation of the family and definitely the smartest of the lot! Jackky is the son of Jayshree and Chakki is the daughter of Praful and Hansa. Th kids constantly get annoyed with the antics of the adult and express it through their catchphrase "Bade log, bade log".

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Himanshu Seth

Hansa's younger brother, or as Babuji calls him Moocho wale Hansa, he is just as clueless (and stupid) as Hansa is. He has a catering business and every thing he says is ended with "Kisiko pata nai chalega."

Supporting Characters

The series had a bunch of supporting characters who added so much colour and humour. From Raju and Melissa (the youngest son and daughter-in-law) to Babuji's two eccentric daughters Heera and Meera to Himanshu's love interest Parminder (in her family, everyone is called Parminder, LOL!). 

The laughter riot is about to start again from April 14 on Star Plus and you might not want to miss it!

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