The Ultimate Single Girls' Trip To Singapore Will Make You Want To Pack Your Bags Right Away!

The Ultimate Single Girls' Trip To Singapore Will Make You Want To Pack Your Bags Right Away!

What happens when you mix Sangrias, a Sunday brunch and four crazy best friends together? Well, you get a trip out of it. My girlfriends and I are, sometimes (or most of the time), very impromptu when it comes to planning things. However, this was one of the most random things we ever did. We just sat there, searched for flights and booked our tickets because well, life is short and you might as well just make the most of it, starting now. And taking some inspiration from Sex And The City, I decided to do something that I never even thought of doing before - plan a trip with my soulmates. We decided on going to Singapore because we're all suckers for spicy (and yummy) oriental food. Not to forget the fact that shopping, chilling and legit having fun in Singapore is every single girl's dream! So, we booked a direct flight and stayed in a gorgeous hotel, Wanderlust, on Dickson Road. The property was close to Little India, which is one of the most popular tourist hubs in Singapore. However, that's not the highlight. So, here are some moments from our trip that will make you jealous and me, very happy! *smug smile*

1. First things first, this is what we went for and made sure we had soon after landing at midnight

So, on night one, our first meal - which was some amazing food at China Town - had to be this gorgeous spread!


2. And then there was this Art and Science Museum, at Marina Bay which got us Instagram-ing!


3. Some wall art and awkward posing inside the museum...


4. Or a little laughter? And some happy ever after?


Trying hard to keep up with the Kapoor’s! #singaporesling

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5.When it rains, it's always better to hang out with your sunshine!


Different strokes 🌈 #singaporefling #singapore

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6. Because you never leave their (or the pink wall's) side!


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7. But, did someone say clumsy? 


Candid beach bums #singaporefling

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8. Or candid?


How we decided to cut back on the touristy stuff on Haji Lane... 

9. Or more food? YES! P.S.: Did I not mention that we went there for the food?


10. And some fun?

11. But in the end, no matter what happens, we find our salvation in each other!

And so, here's to many more brunches and endless trips together because after all, life is short and it's about time we create a lot of #bhasad together! And if you're planning a trip too, we give you the deets on how to make the most of it.

Top Places To Eat In Singapore

Putien: This Chinese restaurant in Little India will serve you yummy crab soup and sweet and sour pork with lychees. They also have set lunch menus.

328 Katong Laksa: You can’t leave Singapore without trying a hot bowl of laksa. This institution with on East Coast Road is just the place to go to get a taste of the delicious coconut noodle soup.

Pasta Brava: For an authentic Italian meal, head to this cosy restaurant and try different types of pasta. While you wait for your food to arrive, there are crayons to keep you busy.

All Things Delicious: Craving a sweet ending? Go to this bakery in Arab Street sticky toffee pudding, carrot cake, brownies, and more.

Southbridge: A sexy view of the city from this rooftop bar will be a fitting end to your trip. Sip a martini while looking at the skyline of this vibrant city.

Top Places To Shop In Singapore

China Square Central: The Sunday flea market in this air-conditioned complex has comic, antiques, toys and crafts. This is the best place to put your Sarojini bargaining skills to use.

Orchard Road: One of the hippest parts of Singapore—peppered with shopping mall, restaurants and bars, and boutiques—has everything you need, from clothes and skincare products to home decor and electronics.

China Town: You’d love the colours and vibrancy of this Asian neighbourhood, plus all the streets that make it so lively. Get pottery, ornaments, knick knacks and lanterns from here.

Little India: You’ll get a whiff of India in Singapore with all the masalas in the air. If you’re missing ghar ka khana, this would be your safest bet for Indian food and munchies. Plus, lovely decorations and bazaars teeming with fabrics, garlands and jewellery.

Haji Lane: Fill up your bags with quirky finds as you go on a discovery on Haji Lane’s shops and boutiques. The colourful and fun displays of clothes, accessories and decor items will definitely catch your attention.

Best Places To Visit In Singapore 

Marina Bay Sands: It’s a one-stop destination for all your luxury hotels and upscale restaurants. The infinity pool with panoramic views of the city is the highlight; but you’d also love other experiences such as the theatre, the light and water show, and the shops.

Gardens By The Bay: It’s a beautiful garden, nothing like you would have ever seen before. Come here and you’ll find see the gigantic trees that have become the postcard of Singapore.

National Gallery of Singapore: Interested in the arts? This gallery with the largest public collection of contemporary art in Singapore and Southeast Asia is a must stop.

Sentosa: The island that has it all: Universal Studios, hotels and spas, beaches, and restaurant and cafes.