6 Wearable Designer Trends You Might Have Missed At AIFW AW '18

6 Wearable Designer Trends You Might Have Missed At AIFW AW '18

The fashion scene is abuzz with trend talk after the 5-day Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter showcase last week. And why wouldn’t it be? With over 40 designers taking the ramp with their new fall collections for 2018, there’s much to talk about, isn’t there? For everyone who missed the diverse designer exhibition at AIFW AW ‘18, we’ve compiled a list of trends that we saw emerging at the fashion event. From ruffled skirts, tassels, and embroidered jackets to extraordinary sleeves, here are the trends you need to keep up with before you start curating your fall wardrobes this year:

1. Scarves 2.0

abraham and thakore

Fall weather is scarf weather, and so what if your outfit is Indian? Do it like Ilk, Abraham & Thakore and Shyamal & Bhumika did - drape a dupatta or even the pallu of your saree like a scarf.


Around the neck, or wrapped around your head. Full points for creativity.

2. T for Tassel


Tassels and their quirk are essentially associated with summer. However, it’s been a long time that ordinarily summer elements are slowly making their way into designers’ winter collections - pop hues, pom-poms and now tassels.

karishma and deepa sondhi

Exhibit A, Anupama Dayal, Karishma and Deepa Sondhi, and Sonam Dubal’s AIFW AW collections.

3. Embroidered Jackets

patine 1

This year’s AIFW AW collections boasted of more embroidered jackets than ever.

samant chauhan

Whether Indian or Western, designer labels such as Samant Chauhan and Patine went all out on elaborate embroidery on their outerwear showcase.

4. Big Bags

abhi singh

Mini bags and satchels may be cute, but they sure weren't invited to the AW ‘18 party this year. The AIFW designers’ choice of accessory was the big bag instead.


Take Abhi Singh’s monochrome jhola and Pero’s big pink totes for example.

5. Ruffled Skirts

Malini Ramani

Your AW ‘18 wardrobe just got its ultimate dose of statement in the form of ruffled skirts.

gauri nainika

From Malini Ramani’s avant-garde hem to Gauri & Nainika’s cocktail skirt at AIFW, it’s more than obvious which trend is going to take center stage this fall.

6. Not Your Average Sleeves


They say you shouldn’t wear your heart on your sleeve. However, this AIFW, our hearts were on, and art was up, every designer’s sleeves.

Gauri and Nainika 2

Patine’s fringed sleeves, Namrata Joshipura’s cape sleeves and Gauri and Nainika’s poofy 70's style prom-dress sleeves… Need I say more?