Can't Afford A Gaurav Gupta Gown? 7 Other Labels For A Dramatic Cocktail Gown!

Can't Afford A Gaurav Gupta Gown? 7 Other Labels For A Dramatic Cocktail Gown!

If the dreamy princess-like gowns from the house of Gaurav Gupta are on the top of your wishlist for your cocktail outfit, but the prices are way beyond your budget, then worry not. We did some research and found these 7 amazing designer labels where you will be able to find your dream cocktail gown WITHOUT burning a huge hole in your pocket. Check them out and you can thank us later!

1. Varsha Wadhwa


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Being a bride doesn’t mean you always have to be extra with all your outfits. If your wedding, sangeet and engagement outfits are super heavy, but you want to opt for an understated yet gorgeous gown for the cocktail, then you must check out Varsha Wadhwa’s designs. They are simple, flowy and perfect for a fun night.

2. Pink Peacock Couture

Think princessy, fluffed up gown - think Pink Peacock Couture. Their designs have the ability to instantly turn you into a diva. The fabrics are flowy and the designs are really trendy. They are just right for the bride who wants to up her glam quotient on her cocktail night.

3. Namrata Joshipura

Namrata Joshipura needs no introduction. She has been a celeb favourite since a long time now. But, just because she is a celebrity designer doesn’t mean that all her designs are out of budget. Surprisingly, Namrata has a whole range of sleek and sexy gowns which are stunning AF but still super affordable. This is a deal you should not let go of!

4. Seema Thukral

Seema Thukral’s signature style is flowy gowns in pastel colours and interesting silhouettes. She does some interesting back and neck designs, keeping in mind that most brides these days want a unique touch to be added to their outfits.

5. Ridhi Arora

Again, Ridhi Arora’s designs are of a pretty dynamic nature. They range from understated outfits in pastel colours to heavily embellished flouncy gowns which will instantly turn you into a princess. You can take your pick.

6. Reeti Arneja


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Reeti Arneja also has an array of designs, ranging from heavy to light. If you are completely stuck on a Gaurav Gupta design, then we must tell you that you will fall in love with Reeti and her sartorial style. She does some amazing ruffle gowns, cape designs and a lot of other interesting stuff.

7. Manika Nanda

Manika Nanda’s designs speak for themselves. All you millennial brides out there will really love them. They come in unique colours and flowy fabrics and will definitely make you the star of the evening.

So, these were some designer labels where you will definitely be able to find the cocktail outfit of your dreams, without burning a huge hole in your pocket!

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