Workout Fashion Checklist To Make You Look Like A Pro (Even If You Aren't One!)

Workout Fashion Checklist To Make You Look Like A Pro (Even If You Aren't One!)

Most Indian women have a love/hate relationship with working out. With a busy work life and a little time set aside for ‘fun stuff’, working out often takes a back bench. Even though that’s a fact for most women, doesn't mean it has to be the reality for you! Having an active and fit lifestyle has benefits beyond a healthy body, you look and feel a lot better.

We recently bumped into VJ Anusha Dandekar at the Adidas Ultraboost X Launch and got to chatting about her views of working out like a pro! A thing she said that stuck with us is the importance of the right gear when you engage in physical activity. They don’t just help you workout with easy but also enhance your performance.

Whether you are an early morning runner or love going to dance classes to stay fit, there are a few clothing essentials that need extra care while doing so. We boiled it down to five categories, take a look and judge for yourself if you are doing and wearing it right. If not, take the first step towards proper activewear today with these fashion items that will do more than just make you look good!

1. Ergonomic Running Shoes

If you have just one pair of sports shoes to run at the beach and on a treadmill, don’t! Running shoes for women are built differently, with additional padding and boost in high impact regions, running choosing the right running shoes will ensure that you run at your peak strength and don’t incur any injuries.

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2. Smart Wearable Tech


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Wearable techs that analyse your performance for you are a great investment! They help you build a case for the current shape you are in and give foolproof numbers to record and compare the improvement in your performance. Fortunately, they are made in small attractive designs that seamlessly go on your body and look damn smart while doing so!   

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3. Genre Specific Activewear


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The tights you wear to a dance class should be different from what you wear while training at the gym. Depending on the type of workout you are into, pick your activewear to ease your movements and the way you feel in them. For instance, moisture-wicking clothes are good for intense training and blended fabrics with high stretchability are what you should be wearing for an hour of yoga.

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4. Impact Underwear


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Just like running shoes, your underwear should also be designed to handle the impact of your movements. Wearing a high impact sports bra for an aerobics class can leave you with reddened skin from the underwear hem, so do your research while picking the right underwear for your preferred workout.

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5. Gym Training Shoes


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The shoes that you wear at the gym has more features than a regular running shoe. They provide better grip for side movements and are made of moisture absorbing insoles so that you can skip the socks while cross training. Having separate shoes for your training will ensure that your gym bag is always updated and ready-to-go!

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