All You Need To Know About Pinky Lalwani, The Next Mrs. Kingfisher

All You Need To Know About Pinky Lalwani, The Next Mrs. Kingfisher

As the internet is well aware, Vijay Mallya is all set to tie the knot, once again. Personally, we at POPxo are all for love! We love the idea of love, but Twitter on the other hand.... has a different take on it. His third wife, Pinky Lalwani is an ex-air hostess from Kingfisher and before I elaborate further on that, here is what one of our finest social media sites has to say about this sacred union.   

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3. I Shouldn't Be Laughing This Hard

4. Some Of These Are Just Brutal 

5. Pardon My French 

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about who Pinky Lalwani is. The ex-air hostess worked at Kingfisher before the airline shut down. That's when she began dating the liquor baron and the two have been in a live-in since then, from 2011. What followed was a long relationship and several social events where they made appearances. Pinky also shares a very strong relationship with Vijay Mallya's mother and is often seen alongside her at parties. 


Vijay Mallya's first wife Sameera Tyabjee whom he married in 1986. She is the mother of Siddharth Mallya, and was also an air hostess (for Air India though) maybe Mr. Mallya has a type? Either way, that marriage didn't last long and they soon got a divorce. His second wife was a childhood friend, Rekha Mallya who he tied the knot with in 1993. He had three daughters with his second wife, Tanya, and Leanna and went ahead to adopt Richa's daughter from her previous marriage, Leila. Allegedly, the two are still legally married, guess that's about to change soon. 

With Pinky Lalwani written in his future, maybe third time would be a charm for Vijay Mallya? 

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