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Here's How You Can Smell Breathtakingly Delicious All Day Every Day!

Here's How You Can Smell Breathtakingly Delicious All Day Every Day!

A fragrance is the impression that always lingers. How many times has it been that you’ve gotten a whiff of a familiar scent and THAT has taken you back in time? How you smell more often than not becomes your signature scent. For me, there have been times when I have remembered people only because they smell delicious, all the time.

But smelling great everytime is not just about finding your signature fragrance and scent, it is also about other factors. Your shower gel, hand lotion, hair cream and all the other products that you use, also have a distinct smell and so does your detergent. What you smell like is all these scents mixed along with your unique aroma. I could make an entire list of the fragrances that I think you should use, but I feel like scents and perfumes are supremely personal. What I am going to tackle today is a two-fold agenda.

I am going to start off by talking about how you can get rid of and avoid overpowering odour not just from your body but also from your shoes and bags. Once that is eliminated, I am going to talk about products and hacks that will make you smell like a million bucks (but not literally). So here it is, a guide to smell good in every possible way.

Eliminating Odour

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Foot & Shoes

We all know that feet have a distinct odour, but that odour gets a stenchy upgrade when you wear closed shoes all day. Try an anti-fungal soap/foot soak to eliminate this odour, especially when you know you’re going to be walking around without shoes or in sandals. Alternatively, carry a foot spray that could be used if you need to take your shoes off.


If you have a lot of dead skin on your body, it is more likely to trap bacteria that causes odour. While we do use a scrub once in a while, I am talking about also scrubbing in the hard to reach places like your back, in the middle of your shoulder blades and even behind your knees.

Natural Cleansers

Your hair might develop a distinct odour because of product residue and pollution. But if you use a chemically intensive clarifying shampoo, it could add chemicals to the mix and also strip your hair of its natural oils and defence mechanisms. So go natural instead.

Bath Salts

Mineral bath salts, in layman’s terms, absorb into your skin and take the odour out from the root. So every once in a while, either soak the salts in bath water for 10 minutes before bathing or rub the bath salts over your body and then rinse after 15.

Talcum Powder

Moisture is the biggest enemy when it comes to odour. Bacteria festers more in moisture than it would otherwise. So, listen to your grandmom, and apply some body talc to the moisture prone areas of your skin before you get dressed every day.

Detox Diet

Apart from topical applications, there are a few things that need a thorough cleanse. A natural diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and clean proteins is more likely to give you a fresh scent, rather than processed foods. Try and have a healthy balance when you are consuming food. Hydrate like a boss for ideal detoxification even if you can't help your food intake. Use a probiotic mouthwash twice or thrice a day. Finally, keep a check on your stress levels. The more stressed you are the more the stench because of the heightened cortisol and adrenaline levels.

Now that we have looked at ways to eliminate odour, here are some hacks to smell good and to make your fragrance last.

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Don’t Rub Your Perfume In

You know your perfume has notes. The top notes are basically the ones that vanish the quickest and bottom notes are the ones that linger for a long time after the top and middle notes fade. By rubbing your perfume into your skin after application, you are getting rid of the top notes basically stunting the longevity.

Try A Scented Nail Paint

Nail paint with a fragrance doesn’t have the alcohol-based around and it also breathes on your nail, so it emits the scent subtly through the day.

Apply A Sheet And Pillow Spray

This ensures you’re enveloped in a subtle scent even when you’re sleeping (and IF you miss your alarm and decide to skip a shower, we’ve all been there!)


Spray an odourless disinfectant in your closet especially on the clothing that you don’t wash too often. The good thing about this spray is that it takes the odour away without leaving a fragrance that is overpowering

Perfume For Hair

Buy a hairspray that only gives your hair some fragrance and not just a tight hold. Basically, buy hair safe perfume and spray it on your hair as required. Don’t worry this fragrance wouldn’t be overpowering enough to mix with or take over your perfume scent. It will just give a subtle scent if someone is close to your hair. Alternatively, in a pinch, you can spray your hairbrush with your fave perfume before you run it through your hair. But use this when you’re seriously in a pinch.

Spritz Some Perfume On Your Torso

When you are applying your fragrance, make sure you apply some on your torso and behind your knees. There is a certain amount of heat that is generated in those areas and those could keep the emission continuous.

It's All About Layering Scents

Try this, use a subtly scented body oil when you’re straight out of the shower, spray some dry shampoo in your hair and finally just as you’re about to leave, spritz your favourite fragrance. Layering subtle scents with similar scents makes sure the scent lingers on you subtly all day.

There are also a lot of products that you can use to smell delicious all day long. Hope these hacks help you make a lasting impression!

Published on Mar 2, 2018
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