7 Reasons You'll LOVE Thailand As Your Wedding Destination!

7 Reasons You'll LOVE Thailand As Your Wedding Destination!

We Indians are very particular about our shaadis. Even when we opt for a destination wedding on another continent, we want our desi sensibilities to be in place - including food, venue, decor and the likes. It can sometimes become slightly difficult to coordinate things, especially if it happens to be a place outside of India. But there is a reason why Thailand is amongst the top favourites destination wedding venues amongst Indians. It is a scenic paradise and makes for quite a picture-perfect venue for a dreamy destination wedding. So whether you prefer a grand celebration or an intimate one, here are 7 reasons why you should host your wedding in Thailand.

1. Distance matters

It is super close to India and offers visa on arrival. Since it’s a destination wedding, you will not have to call random guests. And the special ones you do invite will be able to make it to the wedding easily. It’s a short flight from most parts of India, therefore easier for older members of the family to travel.

2. It has beautiful tropical weather at all times

No, we don’t mean sweaty, humid climate here. Thailand is famous for its beautiful beaches, clear skies, and sunsets. These three make a perfect wedding backdrop. You might even experience occasional showers but nothing too intense to put a damper on your festivities.

3. There’s definitely no dearth of gorgeous properties

Even if you’re not a beach person, Thailand will turn you into one. Blue waters and white sandy beaches make a naturally gorgeous destination wedding venue, and this beautiful place has them in abundance. Even the neighbouring cities, Phuket, Koh Samui and Pattaya have gorgeous beachside properties that are perfect if you have a longer guest list.

4. It’s quite cost-effective

Resorts in Thailand are very competitive with their Indian counterparts and therefore their prices are at often at par if not better value of money. This makes hosting a wedding in the ‘land of smiles’ a smart choice.

5. Thai delicacies...!

Now, we know how much we love our Thai curries and seafood dishes. Well, why not make your guests feast on some delectable dishes from the land then? From sumptuous curries to Pad Thai, the place is a haven for foodies.

6. Celebration and relaxation can go hand-in-hand!

Thailand also makes for an excellent vacation spot! So while your guests celebrate and enjoy the wedding, they will also have ample time to sit back, relax and soak in all the festivities.

7. Frequent flights and visa-on-arrival are just added benefits

AirAsia, Thai Airways, Air India and Bangkok Airways are some of the airlines that operate regular flights between India and Thailand. What’s more, you can even strike a deal if you book well in advance. And we repeat, ‘visa on arrival!’

Now doesn’t this make Thailand an awesome destination for your desi shaadi?

Featured Image: Wizkim Wedding