I Refuse To Be Anyone's Second Choice Anymore And Here's Why

I Refuse To Be Anyone's Second Choice Anymore And Here's Why

'Choose me or lose me' - yes, that's the rule I live by! The whole concept of winning a participation trophy when it comes to relationships is not my thing anymore. I'm not ashamed to admit that I want to win and that I'd like to get credit where there's due. But if you think about it, all I want is to be someone's one and only. Leaving a relationship may be hard but if the alternative is to wait to be chosen and made a priority, then you might as well pack your bags and get out as fast as you can, heartbreak and all. 

As a Bollywood fanatic, I always dreamt of the super cute love story and wanted it to work out just like in the movies. For me, if a guy didn't chase me down on the airport or profess his undying love for me in front of the world, it wasn't really a love story. But, unfortunately, that's not how real life works and in modern relationships, there are a million things that could possibly go wrong. Being a runner-up, or an option, is not my idea of a perfect relationship and no matter what we all say, there comes a point where you need to decide on your stand about this choice.

However, I'm not enforcing my opinion on anyone and you are free to have your own experience. But since I have been there, done that and learnt my lessons in the process, I'm only sharing what I feel with you. You can be everything you like in your life but never be anyone's second choice. Here's why!


You deserve much more than being a second choice. You are a diamond and anyone who can't see that does not deserve to be there in your life. And you know something? If you feel like you can change the way the other person functions, you're wrong. You're wrong to think that they will go back on their decision. Because they never will and one way or the other, you will be hanging in there without a decision, all by yourself.

Don't fall in love with someone who makes you chase them. Be with someone who believes in the value of a relationship. You owe that to yourself. And while you may think there's no way out, let me tell you that there is. There will be a man who values you just as much as you value him. One who puts you first and makes you feel like love is the best thing in the world. All you need is a little strength and a lot of self-respect to know that you deserve nothing less than the best. Because darling, you're worth it!

Hope this little piece gives you the strength to walk away. Walk away from that one thing that has been stopping all the good things in your life. bag your runners-up trophy where it will make you proud. Not here. Not now! Stay strong, precious! You're worth the best things.

Image: Pexels