What Is Karezza Sex & 5 Reasons You Should Try It!

What Is Karezza Sex & 5 Reasons You Should Try It!

The more the scary wide web reveals about the world of sex, the more intrigued I get. And can you blame me when there is always so much to learn?

Now, let's talk about karezza. Dr. Alice Bunker Stockham coined the word in her book of the same name, in 1896. First of all, I think it's a beautiful word. It originates from the Italian word for 'caress'. Take a second and say it out loud - keh-ret-za. Add to that an Italian man saying it and you've got yourself a hot fantasy!

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Karezza sex is the art of having sex without achieving an orgasm. I say 'art' because it's not just any act of sex where the partners don't climax, often known as...well, bad sex. In fact, in Karezza the ideal situation is when there is no orgasm involved. If that makes you go 'wait a second, what's even the point then?', you won't be the first one asking that question. But, taking the spotlight away from the physical act of lovemaking and putting it back on the emotional intimacy is exactly the point of karezza. 

In fact, it's often used as a method by therapists to help repair broken marriages, or relationships. And couples who practice this form of sex seem to be supremely happy with it. Here are a couple of reasons why you should give it a go!

1. Orgasming is not the goal

In an interview with ABC News, Matt Cook, a recovering porn addict said he hadn't had an orgasm in seven months since he started practising karezza with his wife and he didn't want to intentionally have one anytime soon! The moment the performance pressure of achieving and giving an orgasm is lifted, people have found themselves more capable of enjoying the experience as a whole, without referring to it as bad sex.

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2. You can actually skip the foreplay

Now I know women enjoy foreplay more than men. And as a fellow woman, this makes me a little skeptical. But, the idea behind foreplay is to heat things up so we can get closer to orgasm. Once that final aim ceases to exist, the process slows down and foreplay integrates itself with the main act of sex.

3. It's more relaxed

It is slow and relaxed because, again, there is no rush to win the orgasm race. Orgasms bring to the body dopamine that gives you a great high; but, also a quick crash. Karezza avoids that bit so it is more about how intimate you are with your partner rather than just how much physical pleasure you're getting at that particular moment.

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4. And requires lesser effort

There is less movement and more stillness to karezza sex. It's like having intercourse while cuddling. And yet feeling a different world of satisfaction altogether.

5. It enhances your health (much more than regular sex, yes!)

We know having sex contributes to burning calories and an overall good health. Well, so does karezza and it does it with more intensity. It brings more harmony to the relationship and promotes overall wellness and peace of mind.

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