What In The World Is ‘Breast Sex’ & 7 Things We Already Found Out For You!

What In The World Is ‘Breast Sex’ & 7 Things We Already Found Out For You!

What I really like about this day and age, other than oreo chocolates and Instagram story GIFs, is the fact that there is just never a lack of things to do during sex. New concepts, ideas, moves, words, trends just keep popping up and I think it’s absolutely amazing. This way you can only ever blame yourself and your partner for a bland night in. Now, ‘breast sex’ isn’t really a new idea. Back in high school, we used to call it making a ‘sandwich’. I know, ew! But put a bunch of inexperienced teenage minds to work and that’s exactly what you get. Basically, it’s your man putting his penis in between your breasts, performing the same penetrative move he would during sex.

Now to you it might just sound mildly disturbing but trust me, almost every man that I have been with, has at least once, suggested this idea. Which brings me to a couple of pointers you should know before (or if) you go for it.

1. Your size doesn’t matter

Size almost never does! If you worry your breasts are a little too small for this little exercise, don’t. It has more to do with the technique than the size anyway.

1 breast sex

2. Squeezing your breasts won’t hurt his penis

You will have to squeeze your breasts together so there is a narrower passage for him. Which is the more enjoyable part of this for him!

3. He likes the idea of it

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, but why? Why have breast sex? Isn’t sex enough? Yes, it is! And even better mostly. It’s the idea of breast sex that your partner enjoys more than the activity itself. So really, it’s just to humour that idea.

3 breast sex

4. It should ideally be done when he is about to ejaculate

Just breast sex is not enough. Especially not for you. So if you do want to try it, go for the moment when he is super-close to orgasm because, in that case, this would definitely be his last straw.

5. Yes, that means he will ejaculate somewhere around your face

It is a possibility, I won’t deny that! And if you are not okay with the idea of semen anywhere around your mouth/face, maybe try it out as foreplay instead?

5 breast sex

6. This one’s more about his pleasure

Breast sex will not do wonders for you. You could have fun or enjoy it to an extent but no, it won’t be this mind-blowing thing that’ll leave you craving more! So at a basic level, this is more about his pleasure than yours. And you’ll just have to make sure you get your dose after! *wink*

7. It can and will get awkward

His butt might rest on your stomach or hover over it in a weird fashion. His penis might hit your face, you will constantly be wondering which direction he is aiming. All in all, it can be an awkward situation for the both of you. That is almost a given. But it will be worth it when you’re writing your own article some day!

7 breast sex

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