9 Ways Of Keeping That *Spark* Alive In Your Marriage!

9 Ways Of Keeping That *Spark* Alive In Your Marriage!

It is sometimes important to take a break from the routine and celebrate little moments together. Whether you are a newly married couple or have been together a decade already, here are few simple things that will add that spark to your relationship and will make it even more beautiful than it already is!

1. Kiss more often

A good morning kiss. A kiss before you both leave for work. A kiss when you meet in the evening. And repeat.

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2. Revisit a special place

It could be where he proposed to you or the place where you kissed for the first time! Revisiting such tiny details of your relationship will bring all those butterflies back in your stomach!

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3. Dress up

Wear your sexy dress and plan an impromptu drinks night. Seeing you plan a date and get ready for him would let him know how much you love him. Just because you've been married for long, does not mean you'll stop seducing each other.

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4. Discuss your fantasies

Let him know your fantasies and ask him about his too. Once you both have discussed it, pick a few that you would want to try out together. Need we say more?


5. Do an activity together

Sign up for a salsa class or simply join the gym together. Learning something new or working out together would definitely help you both get even closer. That will definitely add a spark to your marriage.

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6. Flirt with each other

Send flirty messages to each other every once in a while. Believe us, it works every time. Send him naughty pictures now and then too. That ought to bring a spark to your relationship like nothing else can.


7. Spend a night away

Plan a staycation if you are both swarmed with work commitments. When you get married, you tend to start ignoring your relationship. Staying away from home for a night will definitely be a great change for the both of you.

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8. Ditch the routine

Ditch the routine and vary the kind of sex to add that extra spice. Have gentle, intimate or frantic sex. The choice is yours! You know your partner best, so you have to come up with ways to add that spark.


9. Give each other a massage

Spend a night by taking turns to give massages to each other. Let it lead to something even better. What better way to add spark to your marriage than this, right? *Wink*

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Making a marriage work and keeping it alive is no rocket science! All you need is a lot of love and a few tricks here and there! *wink*

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