Fashion Gifts To Give The Man You Love This Valentine's Day!

Kriti Asthana

Assistant Manager, Social Media

A girlfriend wears many hats, but the hat that weighs the heaviest is that of a personal stylist. Being dragged to the men’s section when there’s a sale going on and waiting outside the trial room so you can “approve” everything? Ummm.. sorry boyfriends but we got our own shopping to do. So forgive us for not taking your checked shirt emergency, considering you own that exact shirt in 5 different versions already! 

This Valentine's Day, we thought wouldn't it be nice to give our men our undivided “fashionable” attention (‘coz let’s face it.. we got our outfit sorted out ages ago).

Here are some gifts to give your love. 

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Hugs All Around

If you aren’t around, his childhood bud Mickey’s hugs would do just fine, and also keep him warm. 


1 Mickey Sweatshirt Zara

Strap It On

Italian men may be power houses of fashion, but they got nothing on your man. Not when he puts this sweet strappy bomber jacket on. P.S: The straps work as an excellent tool to pull him back when he's mad and turns his back on you.


2 Koovs jacket straps


Poor men, we have earrings, a million varieties of shoes, handbags, the works! Be sympathetic to your man’s sneaker obsession, he doesn’t have as many options to choose from. Maybe even encourage it?          


₹10495   ₹6297   -66% off
3 NikeCortez


This is for your eyes only. So why not gift wrap your man in something red on the day of love?


4 UnderwearFCUK


An entire outfit can be taken down by the humble sock.Remember how the world wide web lost its collective cool over Virat’s choice of socks during #Virushka phenomenon?  And to warrant attention, they NEED to stand out! 


₹490   ₹990   50% off
5 polkaDots socks


Admit it! You’ve noticed how he acts a little cooler and that his chest thrusts out just a little bit more the second he puts his sunglasses on. Why not indulge his Tom Cruise à la Top Gun fantasy?    


6 RayBan


‘Coz how else will he keep a track of how late you show up to date nights, and look cool doing it?


₹10077   ₹16795   40% off
7 watch diesel

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Published on Feb 10, 2018
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