5 Women Share Their Hilarious And Horrendous V-Day Date Moments!

5 Women Share Their Hilarious And Horrendous V-Day Date Moments!

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, but what happens when your sexy evening plans take a hilarious turn instead? We asked five women to share their funniest Valentine’s Day stories - from running away from your date to finding a way out of paying the cheque, we’ve got quite the responses!

1. Wrong Number

Last year at Valentine's Day I had a very serious boyfriend, and a very serious work crush. The cute guy at work was my motivation to make it to office every day (in a cute outfit). We'd spend all day exchanging flirty messages on our official messaging system. It was harmless until... he anonymously sent me flowers home on Valentine's Day. And well, I sent a picture of it to my boyfriend, thanking him for them. When clearly they weren’t from him! We never made it to the date night that my boyfriend had meticulously planned...

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- Sitara Bawa

2. Sleeping Beauty

My longtime boyfriend in college had recently shifted base from home to hostel. And our love life took a weird turn after that. He’d forget to call me, be too busy with his friends and would almost always be skipping class to sleep in. On Valentine’s Day we had to head out for a date but when I called him, he didn’t answer. I kept calling him for quite a few hours but to no avail. Eventually, I started to get worried and called up his friend who also stayed in the hostel. I found out he was sleeping! Not surprisingly, we ended up having a huge fight and just cancelled all plans.

- Arya Khanna

3. Awkward Last Words

A few years ago, I was seeing a guy but I really wasn’t feeling the relationship. He was very cute and pretty amazing but it just didn’t feel right. On Valentine’s Day, we were supposed to meet up at a restaurant we both loved. Another thing you need to know about me, I hate the fanfare around Valentine’s. It’s unnecessary. So all the people and the mush, in general, had me in a very bad mood. As soon as we reached the place and got our table, I couldn’t keep it in anymore and told him we needed to break up. While he was very understanding, the rest of our dinner was spent in awkward silence. Obviously, I didn’t leave. That restaurant serves some of the best chicken ever!

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- Pooja Makhija

4. Paint Me Like Your French Girls

This happened on the Valentine's Day that I went on a Tinder date. After a nice dinner and a couple of glasses of wine, he suggested we go to his place. It suited me just fine since I didn't mind a one-night stand and I found him sexy but wasn't looking for a relationship. Once at his place, things started getting hot and heavy until he paused our makeout session to tell me that he’d love to paint me. I laughed and said ‘sure’, only to realise he was dead serious about it. He took me to his bedroom, switched on dim lights, got out his art supplies and told me to sit very still on his armchair. After sitting in a spot for 15 minutes without moving, as he sketched away, I got really weirded out and bolted from his apartment, leaving Mr. Wannabe Jack to find another Rose to fulfill his artistic fantasies!

- Jennifer Carvalho

5. Free Buffet, Anyone?

My boyfriend and I decided to add a whole dose of fanciness to our Valentine’s day celebrations last year. So we made reservations at one of the high-end restaurants in Delhi where they were giving us unlimited champagne and unlimited food ranging seven cuisines. Think sushi, champagne, oyster salads, prawn pizzas and all that jazz. After eating as much as we possibly could and downing 2 bottles of champagne, we went to the restaurant’s terrace for a smoke. Maybe it was the alcohol but my boyfriend suddenly said, “Do you have the guts to walk out of this restaurant without paying the bill?” I am known to never say no to a dare and immediately walked the entire restaurant to the exit without paying the bill. I ran to the basement and waited for my boyfriend, thinking he would have paid but he came down and asked me to make a run for the car because he hadn't paid either.  It was my name on the reservation along with my contact details and at 2:00 AM we got a call saying that you left without paying! We decided to deny the fact we ever went there! I am not proud of it but everyone has these funny incidents - mine just involved my boyfriend’s great company and a lot of delicious 'free' bubbly.

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- Natasha Singh

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