6 Fabulous Things All The Single Ladies Can Do This Valentine's Day

6 Fabulous Things All The Single Ladies Can Do This Valentine's Day

It’s a day of love, they said. It will be fun, they said. Little did ‘they’ know that not everyone ends up with a significant other on 14th February. Most of us are single and droopy on the one day when public displays of affection are so in-your-face! There have been times, I felt like settling for a no-strings-attached-fling just so I don’t have to deal with another couple bragging about their V-day plans. But, screw that. We never did need two people to start a fire! There’s a reason why Beyonce sang gloriously about ‘all the single ladies’! And it’s time to live up to that anthem! 

Here’s what you can do this Valentine’s Day as single, fabulous women who are ready to take on the world - even if it’s just by binging on popcorn while sitting in your bedroom (pssst, you just don’t have to tell anyone).

The Anti-Valentine Bonfire

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Remember the FRIENDS’ episode with the Valentine’s Day ritual? The One With The Candy Hearts, as it’s called? There was Monica, Rachel and Phoebe - all of whom were single on Valentine's Day - performing a ritual to “get better men”. Now, while you don’t really need a man (we’re all for the ‘grapes are sour’ approach, remember?) you can go ahead and do a fun ritual with your own gang - and, in the process, remove all traces of your ex(es) from your life. Just, leave the alcohols and perfumes out of it. Unfortunately, we don’t get cute firefighters after a house burns down.

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The Binge Fest

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It’s the one day when it’s absolutely legitimate to stay indoors, wearing nothing but underwear - it could be thongs or granny panties; no one’s judging you tonight, sister - and an oversized t-shirt that’s most probably stained with salsa and mustard! The hair scrunchies have never been more useful. And watching ‘Love Actually’ while sitting on the bed, alternating between butter popcorn, chicken wings and Häagen-Dazs is the quintessential anti-valentine anthem we didn’t know we needed!

The Singles' Club

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Thanks to the number of singles in the cities, we now have everything that is the opposite of a ‘valentine’; including events! All India Bhakchod aren’t the only ones having anti-valentine celebrations - heard of the 'Pyaar Ek Dhokha Hai' party they’re putting together? And if you can’t bring yourself to attend one of these, host one for your own single event. Dress code - white pyjamas, t-shirts and lots of alcohol! Let the wine flow as Pat Benatar’s Love Is A Battlefield plays out loud!

Pets Galore

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One isn’t really single if one has a fluff buddy! Your pet is your forever Valentine! Give them a special bath, brush out their fur so they look like powder puffs, add some bows and give their bedding a makeover. Then get their favourite animal food, order your pizza and get ready for a nice sit-down dinner. If it’s a dog, it will be like the overly attached buddy who wants a bit of everyone’s food. If it’s a cat, chances are you’ll be reminded of all the people who made you feel worthless; eh, typical Valentine’s Day!

Swipe It Clean

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Yep, you heard that. Vanity Fair revealed in 2015 that Valentine’s Day is, indeed, Tinder’s luckiest day of the year. Everyone’s swiping left and right - the science says it; no one wants to feel alone, even if they are! According to statistics the dating app released to VF, Tinder swipes increase by a remarkable 15 percent during Valentine’s Day with a 6 percent increase in the ratio of matches to swipes. Looks like it’s time to open that dating app and have fun, even if it’s just you interacting with someone through a phone screen.

Make It A Girls’ Day

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Whoever said Valentine’s Day should only be spent with your date or a significant other, can choke on their own words because for the women in the capital city, the POPxo Love Fest 2018, powered by Westside brings together all the lovely girls with their plus ones to enjoy a day full of fun activities, food, music & lots to shop! Happening on Sunday, 11th February 2018, between 12 noon to 8pm, at the One Golden Mile, it’s the perfect place for you to kick-start your own celebrations. Enjoy a fun-filled day indulging in retail therapy, fun zones, food, contests, music, lit up romantic ambiance and more. And you don’t even need a date; just a bunch of friends out together will make for the perfect Valentine’s Day plan! Tickets are available here so you should book them now before they sell out.

Self Love

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Yes, it’s a day of love. But, does it always have to be about someone else loving you? Maybe this Valentine’s Day, you can show yourself some love. Go out, pamper yourself with a spa session and massage; get a manicure, do some valentines day gifts shopping for yourself and some TLC. Take yourself out on a date; who cares about what the world thinks? Splurge a little on some jewellery you know you’ve been wanting for a while! True love stems; first from within and then, from without. Go ahead and have some fun appreciating all that you are and enjoy life in the moment. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, you beautiful woman!

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