10 Types Of Men You Need To Kiss Goodbye This Valentine’s Day!

10 Types Of Men You Need To Kiss Goodbye This Valentine’s Day!

We have too many people in our lives who honestly don't make us happy. if you're a hoarder like me, who never lets go of people, then you definitely understand where I'm coming from. It's time to de-clutter and make space for the new you. It's quite simple actually, this Valentine's week on Kiss Day, we made a list of the men in your life you can kiss goodbye. 

1. The F*ckboy 

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He loves you today, but there are no promises attached. He repeats the same compliments to five other women on a daily basis and will basically never commit to you. You may think he's a good idea because he's so amazing in front of all his friends, but no girl, you need to kiss this boy goodbye. MOVE ON! Throwback to that Fastrack commercial which I stole this line from!

2. The Lazy One

This boy will sleep through your dinner date and text you 45 minutes too late saying, 'I'm sorry I fell asleep, let's meet tomorrow instead?' If he isn't willing to go out of his way once in a while and make an effort, you don't need that in your life. He isn't going to grow up and you aren't going to wait around for that. 

3. Big Baby

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Congratulations! You just got promoted from being a girlfriend to a full-time mom. You will find yourself cleaning up after him, telling him how he needs to get his life together and occasionally even sitting down with his mom (the real one) and discussing his quarter-life crisis.

4. Mr. Macho 

This gym obsessed boy will find any occasion to tell you how unhealthy you are, try to make you eat leafy vegetables (even on your period!) and constantly compare your body to those hot supermodels that workout with him. It's all about that bass and you do not need a boy fat-shaming you, kiss him goodbye, NOW. 

5. Hard To Get 

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He'll shower you with attention one day, constantly calling you and telling you how much he misses you. But the next day, this boy will pretend like you don't exist. Why? Because he doesn't want to make it seem like he's into you too much, he's playing 'hard to get' and aren't we all a little too old for games? Either way, bye bye bye. 

6. Social Media Addict

Your relationship is perfect on social media, you both are #CoupleGoals. But off the screen, he doesn't even remember your dog's name. His life is one big show, put on for the people he doesn't even know. You can't be defined by likes, girl, get off your Instagram account and face the reality of your non-existent relationship. 

7. Loner Boy  

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He spends all his time with his friends but kinda hates yours. He loves spending alone time with you, in bed and otherwise but never wants to be seen out in public. Also, you aren't invited to his friend's parties either. Your relationship is exclusive just to the two of you and nobody else has any concrete proof of it, does that even sound like a good situation to be in?

8. The Sexist

He doesn't like you driving, won't let you sit in the passenger's seat if you take a cab and often asks you to make him a sandwich. He thinks women 'belong' in the house and will fight you if you bring up the concept of being 'independent'. It's the 21st century and boy you don't need that bullshit in your life. 

9. The Narcissist 

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How is he going to give you anytime if he spends all of it looking in the mirror? This boy is the prince charming you need to bid goodbye. He's hot, sexy and irresistible. The tragedy? He knows it.

10. Serial Cheater

Once a cheater, always a cheater. I'm all for second chances but the third, fourth and fifth chance is proof that this boy is never going to be faithful. So turn your back on him before he turns your life into one big joke. 

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