5-Star Hotel Room Freebies That Serve As Absurd Yet Simple Fashion Hacks!

5-Star Hotel Room Freebies That Serve As Absurd Yet Simple Fashion Hacks!

Jennifer Lawrence once said in an interview that if not an actress, she would have loved to become a hotel maid. Why? Cuz’ she loves snooping around in rooms trying to find hidden gems within! And why not, if you have ever stayed in a nice hotel, the rooms are filled with complimentary items and freebies for the guests to use and take away. This is fortunate for travellers, both amateur and novice since most of these items can be used for brilliant fashion hacks.

Since none of the hotel staff will bat an eyelid at you for taking these things, you can use them to improve your travel style. From cleaning tricks to packing tips, here are 7 things you will find in a 5-star hotel room that serve as fashion hacks on the go!

1. The Bathroom Amenities

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Did you know that toothpaste gets out scuff marks from leather shoes like a charm? There are many uses to take out of your room’s complimentary toiletry kit. A razor can be used to de-lint a cardigan in under 5 minutes and nail files can clean suede shoes if you can't find a brush.    

2. The Stationery

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If you aren’t going to read the newspapers and magazines from your room, you can put them to better use. Stuff crumpled up newspapers into heels and rolled up magazines in boots to keep their original shape intact while packing your suitcase. Grab those extra paper clips for any button loss emergencies on the way (but leave the pens behind)!

3. The Laundry Bags

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The empty laundry bags don’t have to be abandoned under the hotel wardrobe! Use them as duster bags to separate your dirty clothes from fresh ones, especially if you didn't have time to get them cleaned. You can even use them to stash your expensive shoes and bags, just stick a silica gel packet with them (which you can find often lying in your wardrobe as well).

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4. The Towelling Slippers

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Forgot to pack your comfy in-flight shoes or don’t have the space to carry one altogether? Hotel slippers are super comfortable and easy to pack, change into them and give your feet a break on long-haul flights.

5. The Hygiene Kit

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We love a good snoop, that’s how we found out the add-on hygiene kit some hotels stash in your bedside drawer. The travel size sewing kits can be packed for wardrobe malfunction emergencies while on-the-go.

6. Beverage Packets

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As much as we love the mini bar in our rooms, the beverage tray in our opinion is the real deal! Stash dry tea bags in your shoes overnight to deodorize them or throw a couple of them in your luggage if you are travelling in a humid weather.

7. The Shoe Shine Cloth

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A shoe shine cloth is an extremely soft cloth made from brushed cotton. They are super effective in buffing and smoothing leather surfaces on their own. Grab one for the road and keep all your leather shoes, bags and jackets looking shiny and new!

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