Short On Time? 9 *Genius* Last Minute Wedding Planning Tips!

Short On Time? 9 *Genius* Last Minute Wedding Planning Tips!

We all have a tendency to sometimes plan things in the 11th hour. But a wedding? It’s tough but possible. All you need is a good wedding planner and clarity about what you want. Sure, it could get hectic but if you're in sync with your needs and your planner, you might be able to pull off a last minute miracle. Here we are to help you with some tips on how to nail a picture-perfect wedding even if you’re short on time. You can thank us later!

1. Get the budget on point

Spend big but don't waste. For a last moment wedding, you may need to shell out a bit more but wasting money should be avoided. Have a conversation about the must-haves with your partner and families, as well as your planner if you have one. Once you know your venues, you’ll be able to set a budget, keep room for a little extra but don't overspend.

2. Keep your guest list in check

The guest list is the key. Keep it short. The smaller the guest list, the better for your pockets. Keep the guest list slim and it will sort most of your issues. The more the guests, the more management is required. Plus, years from now, you’ll be glad you kept it an intimate affair with only your closest and dearest.

3. Fix your date and venue, ASAP


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This is the main obstacle. The later you book the venue, the more you pay and the fewer options you get. So get it sorted as soon as possible. Your entire preparation can be last minute but set a date and book the venue as soon as possible.

4. Go digital with the invites

Go digital with the invites. You don’t have time to take those endless strolls around Chandni Chowk to find that intricately designed wedding card anymore. Times have changed and with it, wedding invites have also upgraded. We suggest, don't bother with printed invitations. Send e-invites to your friends and family. This will save so much of your time and make it much more hassle-free. Plus, you don’t need to spend on printing costs and you’ll be saving paper too.

5. Rent your wedding outfit

You don't have enough time to get it stitched. It’s your wedding lehenga and not any other kurta or dress that the tailor would give you in a week or two. Plus, you cannot compromise of the quality too. In that case, it’s always wise to get your wedding outfit on rent. Google and check out for the best rental agencies in your area and select your wedding lehenga. It's faster and much cheaper.

6. Wedding day agenda

Plan the day to the tee. Call your vendors and let them know the exact time and the things that need to be in place. Get all the phone numbers and make sure your close relatives and friends have saved them too so that one of you can catch hold of the people when the day arrives. Keep your wedding planner on speed dial as well to avoid any last moment eff ups.

7. Book your make-up artist

Make-up artists are really hard to book for last moment weddings. They get booked at least 6-9 months prior to the wedding date in order to not clash with their other clients. If you have someone specific in mind, go meet them and try to convince them by explaining your problem. If need be, you can always pay a little extra. If you are not so hell-bent on a particular make-up artist, then keep your options open. Do the much-needed research online before reaching out to them.

8. Book the photographer

This is important. A not-so-good photographer can actually spoil your wedding memoirs by not getting you the kind of images you were expecting. So sign a deal with a reputed photographer as soon as you fix the dates. Don't wait until the last moment else the results would not be desirable. You’ve got to find the perfect wedding photographer who not just clicks photos but also guides you through every step. Make sure that you and your photographer are on the same page.

9. Get the flights booked for honeymoon

You will spend a little more if you book a last moment honeymoon. So book the tickets in as soon as possible. You can book your hotels and AirBnBs on the go but the tickets need to be done early.

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