Sunday Shorts: 3 Hot Tales Of Secret Hook Ups At Weddings

Sunday Shorts: 3 Hot Tales Of Secret Hook Ups At Weddings

1. Destination Weddings And All That Jazz!

Weddings are great fun. They’re even better when they are destination weddings! You can be drunk all throughout and no one will know. Well, because they’re all drunk too. Three years ago in Agra, I met a guy at my friend’s sister’s wedding. We got along immediately and started chilling together. We even missed a few functions to have brunch. By the cocktail night, everybody paired us to do an impromptu dance together. After the performance and an hour of heavy drinking, we found each other holding hands in the park of the fort where the cocktail party was held. Before we knew it, we were kissing. We made out for a while and took it to the hotel room. He was from a different country so I knew nothing was going to work out between us but I don’t regret even a minute of that night!

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2. The Quick Escape

It was during one of my high school best friend’s wedding that I first set eyes on this gorgeous hunk of a guy - formally introduced to me by the groom, as his best man. Being the bride’s maid-of-honour, of course, I got along splendidly well with him, while shamelessly flirting with him every chance I got. It was hours before the wedding when he crept to the empty ballroom and snuck me away to a corner. Unable to keep our hands to ourselves anymore, I popped all the buttons of his shirt, as he pulled my dress off my shoulders, making out with longing desire. Our soft moans and hushed whispers made the sex so much more erotic that, by the time we were done, we were wet and clammy with all the lovemaking - and had to change before the couple said their vows!

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3. Single Lady Woes

At weddings, love is in the air and almost everyone around you is in happy relationships. But if you’re single like me, then it could drive you insane. But that’s how I found him, we both stood by the bar in distaste and finally he introduced himself. Two hours and innumerable shots later, we both found ourselves sitting in the parking lot and laughing over the fragility of marriage. Soon enough though, his hands found my waist and I melted under his gaze. I don’t think I’d forget that night, as we sneaked into his car and made out before making our way back to the ceremony, just in time for the baraat.

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