This Valentine's, Here Are All The Things You Could Propose To Your Boyfriend!

This Valentine's, Here Are All The Things You Could Propose To Your Boyfriend!

The best thing about Valentine's Week is the new relationships that start, thanks to all the love that's in the air. The cute and creative proposals are what make us go teary-eyed all the time - ranging from totally whacky to super romantic and mushy. And while it's possible to find proposal stories adorable, there's an even higher chance that you'll get nostalgic about the time you were proposed to. So today, on Propose Day, put a little twist on the usual and propose a few things to your boyfriend. Not only will it re-ignite the passion, you'll also get something fun out of it! 

1. Propose to start a business together

I know Band Baaja Baraat taught us that "jisse vyapaar karo, usse kabhi na pyaar karo" (don't fall in love with people you work with), but imagine how cool will it be to actually have a business together. It could start with something small that you're both passionate about. One of the inspirations for you can be the couple behind Bruised Passports, a very successful travel blog.

1 propose to boyfriend

2. Propose to explore the world together

Travel changes who you are as a person. Just imagine what it would do to you as a couple. You'll be closer, experiencing the beauty of an unknown place. As you discover the place, you'll discover all the hidden facets of each other as well.

3. Propose to learn a new hobby together

From dancing to cooking to adventure sports, find a hobby that you both love and take up classes for the same together. So that you have another extra thing you do together and enjoy!

3 propose to boyfriend

4. Propose a sexy adventure

Adding a little spice to your sex life is never a bad idea. You can pretend to be strangers for a night and have a hot fling or add something new to the bedroom. This addition can be as tame as handcuffs to something as wild as another person - if that's what gets you going. *Wink*

5. Propose to revisit your childhood

For most of us, the best time of our life was childhood. The carefree, relaxed days are something we wish to relive over and over again. And while we can't do that in the long run, we can do it temporarily. Take a road trip to your favourite adventure park or your favourite spot as a child and experience the freedom that comes with being young and carefree!

5 propose to boyfriend

And if nothing else, propose to have an awesome Sunday plan this week. 

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