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9 Tips On How Not To Get Tricked While Buying Your Wedding Lehenga!

9 Tips On How Not To Get Tricked While Buying Your Wedding Lehenga!

Remember that scene from Hindi Medium where Irrfan Khan and a salesman at his Chandni Chowk lehenga showroom sell a lehenga to a would-be bride by making up a story about how it’s a Manish Malhotra design? When the bride-to-be and her mom get up to leave the store, Irrfan playing a very skilled shopkeeper makes them stay AND buy a lehenga that they had earlier rejected by making up a series of harmless lies. Well, for all the people thinking that this only happens in movies, guys, it happens in real life, too! Buying the perfect wedding lehenga is every bride’s dreams and shopkeepers know this very well! One has to be extremely careful while purchasing their wedding lehenga as it is easy for designers and shopkeepers to fleece you and trick you. Sometimes, they might say some (or many) things to you just to convince you to buy the outfit, which might not be entirely true. Thus, to ensure you don’t get tricked, we have a few tips to make your wedding lehenga shopping experience a hassle-free one.

1. Do NOT buy your wedding lehenga online

No matter how beautiful the outfit might look on screen, your wedding lehenga is something which you shouldn’t order just by having a look at it online. You never know what the outfit actually looks like and you might end up losing a lot of money. It’s okay to buy other things like kurtas and other trousseau items online, but not your bridal lehenga!

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2. Don’t fall for the ‘designer lehenga copy’ trap

Even though you love that ‘Kareena Kapoor wala lehenga’, do not agree to opt for a copy. If you are okay spending a bomb for the original outfit from the same designer, then by all means, go ahead. But trust us, first copies of designer lehengas are a myth. Anybody who promises to give you an exact copy of a famous designer’s piece is only trying to rook you. We suggest you do not take this chance. Instead opt for a beautiful original within your budget.


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3. Always try before you buy!

Do not believe any designer or shopkeeper if they try to sell you an outfit without letting you try it on. However perfect it looks on the mannequin or however pretty it might look under all the lights, it might not look as good on you. Shopkeepers have varied reasons to not let you try outfits at times - it might have a slight defect or something. So, do not trust anyone blindly and try it before you buy it.

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4. Be cautious about the hidden costs

These are the costs that sellers might not reveal in the beginning and shock you with later. Some designers, especially during stock clearance sales, charge extra for alterations and stitching and this is something which they won’t tell you in the beginning. Make sure you clarify with them clearly whether there are any hidden or extra costs for alterations, steam ironing, delivery etc.


5. Do not buy the display piece

Agreed, that the display piece costs a lot less than a fresh piece. But, do you really want to make that compromise, just to save a few thousand bucks? The display piece might have been hanging outside for too long and it is usually the same piece which is tried on, time and again, by a lot of people. Ask the designer/shopkeeper to make a fresh piece for you with all the embroidery and embellishments in place.

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6. It is almost never the last piece… don’t fall for this lie

To convince you to take a quick decision, the shopkeepers might tell you that the piece you are looking at is the last piece. And we all know that quick decisions are not always our best ones! So, even if it is the last piece, all designers and shopkeepers do take orders. Don’t get tricked by them, take your time and select wisely.


7. Never EVER make the full payment in advance

No matter what they tell you, do not make the mistake of paying the full amount in advance. Only give them a token amount to confirm your order. The remaining amount should either be paid partly or after you receive your lehenga, with alterations done and everything in place. Also, make sure, the bill specifies that you have given an advance and only the balance amount is left to be paid.

8. Do not forget to take the bill

It is important for you to take a copy of the bill as that will be helpful in avoiding any chaos later. Taking a bill leaves zero room for discrepancies and disagreements over the final amount. Also, make sure the date of delivery is clearly mentioned on the bill.

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9. Give them a delivery date that is at least a month prior to the D-Day

Shopkeepers are really smart and they might try to elicit your wedding date out of you. But, do not give them the exact date, ever! In fact, give them a delivery date for at least a month before the wedding. Keep in mind that there will be delays from their side, there will be fitting trials and the final touches to be done. You do not want to be rushing to the store a day before your wedding because your lehenga is still not ready, do you?

Just keep all these things in mind while you’re searching for your dream wedding lehenga, and rest assured, you’ll get what you want without getting tricked. Good luck!

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