Here Are 10 Things Brides Regret Not Doing On Their Wedding (You're Welcome!)

Here Are 10 Things Brides Regret Not Doing On Their Wedding (You're Welcome!)

You would have spent innumerable hours, days and even months planning your D-day. But just like others, brides too have their FOMO moments, especially after the wedding festivities are over. These tips will make sure you do not miss out important wedding planning decisions and regret later.

1. Not cutting cost on decor

You need to hire a good photographer who can capture all your wedding moments beautifully. We suggest you spend on a great wedding photographer over decor, as his skills will make anything and everything appear even more beautiful in pictures.

2. Not wearing minimal jewellery

A very heavy jewellery set would not come in use later and instead just remain in your wardrobe or locker. We suggest you wear minimal jewellery or opt for ones that can be worn again.

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3. Not hiring a videographer

Just like a good photographer, you also need a good videographer to capture all the treasured moments in 1080P. But we advise you hire a highly skilled one to avoid any grievances later.

4. Not having a dramatic bridal entry

Do not listen to anyone who says that bridal entries are too cliché and OTT.  It’s your day and your entry needs to be as special as you!

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5. Not doing family shoots

In all the wedding chaos, one often forgets to get a family picture clicked together. Make sure you get enough pictures clicked with your family members. Even the mandatory ‘drawing room’ worthy family picture.

6. Not considering the lehenga cost

Just like your jewellery set, your wedding lehenga is also something that would not be of much use post the shaadi. Buy an outfit which can be worn later, rather than investing on something that’ll remain packed in the wedding trunk forever.

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7. Not wearing comfortable shoes

Trust us on this one; do not choose style over comfort, at least not on your wedding day. You will be required to stand for long hours and the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable on your D-day. Buy (and test) your wedding footwear in advance and make sure they fit you right.

8. Not pre-deciding on the blouse

Whether you opt to wear a saree or a lehenga, your blouse is of utmost importance. Think about those backless cholis and latkans… Also, make sure that they are of a perfect fit and true to size. Choose the neckline that is most flattering and the sleeve length that makes moving around a little easier.

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9. Not having a photoshoot with hubby

We know this is kind of a no brainer but don’t forget to click all those mushy pictures with hubby. These are photographs which you would be using later as large photo frames in your drawing room. Make it worth it.

10. Not enjoying the wedding

Don’t be so stressed that you forget to enjoy your own wedding. Remember to have fun and spend quality time with your family and friends.

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