Sister's Wedding? Here's The Ultimate Duty Checklist For The Sister Of The Bride!

Sister's Wedding? Here's The Ultimate Duty Checklist For The Sister Of The Bride!

Dear Sister-of-the-Bride,

We hope you have ordered a case of Red Bull. Because, girl, you have a lot of duties coming up. Not just the usual bridesmaid duties. As her closest life-long friend, you’ll need to be there in case she gets cold feet, or if she’s feeling overwhelmed by all the people and demands coming at her. You’ll need to be super organised so she’s not stressed about anything. While we are sure, you are already an expert at juggling things around, we would love to share a "duty checklist" to make your days much, much easier, and so you can actually have some fun, too!

1. Get your speech ready

Surprise your sister with an emotional speech to let her know that you’ll miss her and just how important she is to you.

2. Keep her calm throughout

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Even if all arrangements are in place, she would still be experiencing those last minute jitters. It’s your duty to assure her that you’ll be there for her and that things will be fine.

3. Packing her essentials

Right from her wedding trousseau to her last bunch of bobby pins, you need to keep a tab on everything and help her arrange her wedding trunk.

4. Plan the sangeet

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Nobody knows her better than you do. So, it’s your duty to plan everything as per her taste. From organizing the playlist for her sangeet to managing dance rehearsals, you got to coordinate it all.

5. Feed her well

Your sister will be busy with the wedding rituals, which would leave her with no time to eat. Get her some snacks and juice at regular intervals so that she doesn’t go hungry.

6. Be present at the mandap

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You need to be present at the mandap to not only adjust her lehenga and dupatta but also to receive all the presents from guests. You’ll be required to run errands, so better be prepared for it. (Tip:wear comfy shoes)

7. Be her personal assistant

You might have a professional wedding planner to sort it all out, but in reality, you are the one she truly trusts. You have got to make sure the guests are happy and even coordinate with the wedding vendors to assure her that everything is going just fine.

8. Get her ready

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Image:  Gautam Khullar Photography

You play a major role in getting her ready. Not just that, she needs major help in carrying that heavy lehenga to the venue. Make sure the dupatta drapes, make-up, and everything else is on point before you arrive at the venue. Also, keep her beauty kit essentials handy, as she might need it for touch-ups.

9. Be her personal photographer

She won’t be as comfortable with the professional photographer as she will be with you. She needs those candid moments to be captured by someone she is close to. Who else will take all those crazy pictures of her?!

10. Make her feel special

And lastly, you need to make her feel special. We suggest you write her a handwritten letter, or maybe surprise her by sending her a cute video of you two, telling her how much you are going to miss her.

Featured Image: Photoz Apki