Sunday Shorts: 3 Sexy Tales Of Rekindling A One Night Stand

Sunday Shorts: 3 Sexy Tales Of Rekindling A One Night Stand

1.  Tonight, Same Place?

I saw his number on my phone and immediately my mind went back to the last time we met. A common friend had set us up and we ended up sleeping together. Without a doubt, he was the best sex I’d ever had. His touch had left me wanting for more and his lips on my body felt god-sent. But we had decided that it was only a one night stand and we would never call each other again. “Hey, what’s up?” I said as soon as I picked up the call. Two minutes into the conversation, he blurted out “I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I’ve been going crazy so I had to call you.” Hearing that felt amazing because I was in the same boat, unable to get his touch out of my head. “Tonight, same place?” I asked. Later that night, I felt waves of pleasure I’d never felt before. Looks like it’s going to be a regular occurrence from now on.

01 one night stand

2. First Time’s A Charm

I was skeptical about the concept of casual sex, I’d only ever been in a serious relationship. But when he invited me over to his place after dancing at the club for hours, I just couldn’t say no. What happened next turned out to be the most amazing night of my life. He made me feel sensations I didn’t know I was capable of exploring, the sex was brilliant. So how could I stay away? Neither of us texted each other, but ‘ran into each other’ next Saturday, the same spot at the club. I was just trying my luck and apparently so was he. We went back to his place again and had a quick recap, but this time, we decided to get breakfast together the next morning.

02 one night stand

3. The Same Tall, Dark And Handsome Guy

Even if one-night stands aren't your thing, when the cutest guy from your college decides to flirt with you, you give in. I'm talking tall, geeky looks, careless stubble and perfect hair. And those shoulders! I woke up knowing that it absolutely meant nothing. But when two weeks later the thought of the night made me blush, I decided to drop him a text. He replied instantly and we quickly decided to meet at a neighborhood bar. The couple of hours we spent at the bar was the hottest foreplay I have ever experienced. It started with an innocent knee rub under the table, to holding hands, to him holding me by my waist and leaning in close. And whenever he could, he would lean in to steal a kiss. How did the impromptu date end? Let's just say none of us got any sleep that night. *wink*

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