Sunday Shorts: 3 Sexy Tales Of Hooking Up While Travelling

Sunday Shorts: 3 Sexy Tales Of Hooking Up While Travelling

1. Flying Right

It started with him helping me put my bags up into the overhead luggage unit on a work flight. I politely thanked him and got back to my seat. But I couldn’t stop thinking about his abs that had peaked out when he’d stretched. My one track mind kept looking back in his direction, only to find him staring right back at me! I guess he understood my eye contact quite well as his arms touched mine and he slowly put up the divider between our seats that was keeping us apart. His hand trailed to my thigh and his fingers conveniently slipped under my skirt. Thankfully, the lights had dimmed by then as he found my moist core and began something ecstatic.

01 - hooking up while travelling

2. Dead of the night

It was well after midnight, and a blanket of stars lay above our quiet campsite, the full moon illuminating the path to his tent, just a few feet ahead of mine. I had only been walking a few steps in his direction when I was pulled into a tight embrace, his arms grabbing me by the waist, as he whispered, “Took you long enough”. Creeping into his tent, we gave into our urges and feverishly undressed each other - stifling our moans of ecstasy and being very careful not to wake the other campers on the site. As we inched closer to the climax we groaned with longing as a wolf howled at the moon.

02 - hooking up while travelling

3. May I Please Kiss You?

Meeting his eyes across a bar, I smiled at him. I was here, on a solo trip, getting myself a drink. But this cute stranger was more than what I had bargained for. He walked over to me and started making small talk. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he said: “May I, please, kiss you?” I couldn’t say no to this now, could I? One thing led to another and soon we were back at his place, naked, making out like our life depended on it. It wasn’t a one-time thing though. That night, we did it more than a few times, each time better than the last.

03 - hooking up while travelling

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