Sex With An Aquarius: This Is What It's Like & Here’s What You Should Know!

Sex With An Aquarius: This Is What It's Like & Here’s What You Should Know!

Let's say I have dated many men, but I have never come across somebody like an Aquarius man. They are shy, imaginative and love surprises. If you are the kind who is creative, then it will surely come in handy when trying to seduce this man. Adventure is their secret kink and they love trying new things, inside and outside the bedroom. Another point to remember is that you'll never be bored but you surely will be tired. They are always full of energy and love to keep going. These are some of the traits I've come across while I was dating (and sleeping with) an Aquarius man. 

1. It's all about the conversation

The Aquarius man loves himself a woman who can hold her own in a conversation. So that is the way to go. Show him how smart are you by having an intelligent discussion on a topic of interest. Don't start a debate for the sake of it, but just put some facts here and there and they'll love this. 

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2. Add an element of surprise

These lovers are all about being unpredictable. They do not like to follow the conventional path and are all about following the road less travelled. Take him to a place where they would never expect having sex, and you shall see the excitement on their face. After all, with the element of surprise on your side, who knows when the desire may strike and what you two might end up doing.

3. Give him some freedom

Every man likes their space, but no one appreciates that more than an Aquarius man. He hates it when he is constantly being checked upon, or being in a closed area. if you let him be and let him think on his own, you will be surprised to see what is to come your way. They like women who are ready for any situation that they throw upon them. 

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4. Their weak spots

They say every man has a weak spot and, well, the ankles and the calves are the weak points of an Aquarius. You could get him in the mood by giving him a sensual and exciting massage and let things go from there. Start working your way up with your kisses and soft touches and see where that takes you. 

5. They are all about the energy

If you are going to get in bed with him, you need to be ready for some intense and long hours of lovemaking. It might tire you out but that surely won't stop him. After all, they just love the energy. 

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