How To Keep Calm & Carry On If Your Period Falls On Your Wedding Day!

How To Keep Calm & Carry On If Your Period Falls On Your Wedding Day!

Lehenga, selected. Jewellery, matched. Makeup trial, done. Everything is in place, even the event planner has got things spot on. Your D-day couldn't have been more perfect. Then, it happens....your periods decide to haunt you. Nothing hurts more than your periods falling on your wedding day. Those terrible bout of cramps won’t let you enjoy your wedding festivities. But don't worry, we have a solution. Here are some tips that will ensure you remain stress-free even during the crimson wave. Read on...

1. Visit a gynecologist

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Firstly, it’s absolutely fine if you get your periods on your wedding day, but if it still worries you, visit a gynaecologist. Don’t fall for self-medication. Many people take oral pills to postpone (or prepone) their periods but we suggest you consult with your doctor before you take any over-the-counter medications.

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2. Use the right sanitary products

Tampons or even silky cups stay on for longer. But if you’re not used to either, then sanitary pads are always a great option. Keep extra sanitary napkins and vagina wipes in your bridal kit, and let your girl squad take care of it.

3. Keep painkillers handy

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You might have packed all your bridal essentials, but one thing that you really can’t forget is a painkiller. Cramps can be deadly and it is only safe to keep those emergency painkillers handy. Make sure you’re eating well and that you don’t take a painkiller on an empty stomach.

4. Wear an extra slip

Wear an extra slip to ensure that your lehenga does not get stained. Choose a dark colour over a lighter one just to be on a safer side.

5. Avoid heels, wear flats instead!

Avoid those heels and wear comfortable flats or juttis which are comfortable. Heels tend to put pressure on your thighs and ankles which can lead to further pain.

6. Sip over something hot

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Keep sipping on some black, green or herbal tea to ease your cramps at regular intervals. Fresh fruits, nuts (if you’re not allergic) and aloe vera juice can also help ease the pain.

7. Stay away from too much caffeine

Avoid too much coffee, chocolates, junk food and processed foods, as they can cause discomfort and bloating.

8. Hey, don’t worry about the period bloat

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Periods bloats are normal and there’s nothing to get worried about. You would still look fabulous in that gorgeous lehenga. There’s no way you are letting that period bloat affect you. Just relax, be confident and wear that smile on. 

9. Go for a high chowki seating over a gaddi seating

Gaddi seating in mandaps can be a little uncomfortable on your period days. Ask your wedding decorator to provide a comfortable high rise chowki seating which makes things easier and comfortable for you.

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