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15 Promises That You Should Make (And Break) This Valentine's Day!

15 Promises That You Should Make (And Break) This Valentine's Day!

It's the month of love - the most beautiful feeling in life. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, there's a weather forecast of great mushy winds and light showers of hearts everywhere. The thing about love and commitment is that they come with a lot of promises. But relax, not all promises need to be super serious and solemn. Some of them can be cute and funny as well because love, after all, is all about the little things that you'll always remember. So here are 15 promises you need to make (and break) to your boyfriend this month.

1. I promise to always put you first...

...but if there's a sale on Zara, your birthday gift can wait!   

2. I promise to always be there for you...

...just 15 minutes late, you know that!

3. I promise to share my food with you...

...just not if it's pepperoni pizza. That's all mine.

4. I promise to always look my best for you!

Except when we're home on weekends, stuffing our face with popcorn!

5. I promise to kiss you before I leave every morning...

...but if you're looking extra hot some day, a quickie on the couch is what you'll get! *wink*

5 promise valentine

6. I promise to try and understand your point of view...

...and then proceed to prove just how flawed it is.

7. I promise to help you achieve your goals and dreams...

...as long as they don't involve me being out of bed after 11 PM.

8. I promise to make you laugh...

...but I refuse to laugh at your lame jokes. 

9. I promise to never change you...

...except if you're wearing that shirt I hate. Then you need to change, baby!

10. I promise to always be on your team...

...unless you make a fool out of yourself because then I'll be making fun of you!

10 promise valentine

11. I promise to take care of you when you're sick...

...only from afar though! Can't catch those germs!

12. I promise to get you the best gifts...

...and keep them for me. What's yours is mine, hon!

13. I promise to return your hoodie...

...only so that you can wear it again to make it smell like you.

14. I promise to never cheat on you...

...unless it's carbs and sugar. Then I will.

15. I promise to be the best version of me...

Oh, wait! I'm perfect. Up your game, bub!  

15 promise valentine

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Published on Feb 8, 2018
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