10 Promises All Couples Should Make To Each Other, Before They Get Married!

10 Promises All Couples Should Make To Each Other, Before They Get Married!

In this fast-growing world of instant gratification, promises sometimes get a bad rap. While pledging the moon to your beloved might work in Bollywood movies, it definitely doesn’t in real life. Really, you need vows that you can actually keep. So, we recommend you to start your life together with these practical and realistic promises and commit to each other in an honest way.

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1. Promise to be a patient listener

You might have disagreements on many topics, but then you need to respect your partner’s point of view, too. Patience and an open mind will go a long way in strengthening your bond.

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2. Promise to give each other space

Just because you are married, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your ‘me time.’ You need to have your own space and give your partner his space without intrusion.

3. Promise to kiss each other to sleep

Promise to kiss your partner good night, even if it means giving a peck on the check when he is asleep. Believe us, it’s adorable and much-needed for you both after a gruelling day.

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4. Promise not to nag

Take a vow to resolve whatever issues you have on the same day and avoid nagging. It can be extremely stressful and can disturb your peace of mind as well as theirs. You don’t want that, do you?

5. Promise to motivate

Partners are called the ‘better half’ for a reason. Give your word that you will encourage your spouse to chase his dreams and help him reach his full potential.

6. Promise to go out on dates

You may be married and living together, but you don’t have to stop enjoying those cute moments together. Whether it is a romantic dinner date or a movie night, make sure you keep the romance alive in your relationship.

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7. Promise to lend a helping hand in household chores

Chores can be tedious but sharing them can make boring things a little more bearable. Oh also, the sooner you finish, the more time you get to snuggle in bed!

8. Promise to take care of each other

Don't bail out on bae when sickness strikes. It might get messy at times but remember to take care of your partner, always! Promise him that you’ll always be there, in sickness and in health.

9. Promise one vacation every year

You may be busy through the year, but make time for one vacation together. It’ll rejuvenate you and it’s a way to rekindle the romance, away from the daily pressures of life.


10. Promise to love each other, no matter what

Things might get difficult, but never stop loving each other. There’ll be fights, mistakes and misunderstandings, but if the love stays strong, nothing can ever tear you apart. 

Is there anything else you want to promise each other? We’re waiting to hear your thoughts.

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