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These Pre-Make-Up Moisturisers Will Make Your Foundation Blend Like A Dream!

If there was *ONE* tip you could follow from make-up artists and all those Instagram tutorials it is the use of a moisturiser or facial oil before beginning make-up. The key ladies, to a perfect result, is a good base! If you’ve been sitting there wondering why your foundation doesn’t blend like a dream and why you don’t look like that glowy goddess...look into your moisturiser drawer. And yes, oily skin needs a moisturizer too. You may be using all the right tools but the answer may be sitting or NOT sitting on your countertop! Whatever your skin type - oily, combination or dry - you absolutely *NEED* to moisturise! A good skincare routine will not only help your foundation blend better, but also help your skin need lesser foundation in the long run!

Celebrity hair and make-up artist and Plixxo Influencer Namrata Soni credits a good facial oil for how perfect her make-up on celebrities and models turns out. If you think incorporating a facial oil into your beauty routine may not be the best idea, you could choose any of these moisturisers we’ve listed. These 10 pre-make-up moisturisers will make your foundation blend like a dream!

Published on Feb 14, 2018
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