8 People (Other Than Your Boyfriend) Who Deserve A ‘Jadoo Ki Jhappi’ This Hug Day!

8 People (Other Than Your Boyfriend) Who Deserve A ‘Jadoo Ki Jhappi’ This Hug Day!

Each day in the valentine's week is supposed to stand for something cute, and today is Hug Day. So, of course, we could ask you to hug your partner, but that's so expected. Instead, here we have eight people, other than your partner, who you need to give a tight jadoo ki jhappi! A good hug is supposed to last 20 seconds and can help in reducing your blood pressure, inducing a better sleep and a sense of belonging, according to science. Isn't that enough reason to hug someone? You'll basically be saving their lives and making them happy at the same time. So get hugging, girl!

1. The Help

The people who make your life easy deserve to be thanked for it. So this Hug Day, hug your house help, let them know that you appreciate their presence and everything they do for you on a daily basis.

01 hug 

2. Your Parents

If you're someone like me and don't know how to express your emotions. Then this hug day is a great excuse to wake your parents up with some tea in bed and a tight hug. They'll be pleasantly surprised by this gesture. 

3. The Go-To Friend 

This friend has been there for you through your toughest times. The person may or may not be our closest friend, but is definitely your 3 AM phone call when you're too troubled to sleep.

03 hug 

4. Old Souls 

If you do live in close proximity to your grandparents, then do drop by and give them a loving hug. They often feel lonely and ignored, you have no idea how much this would mean to them. 

5. Your Pet

Your furry companion needs a regular dose of love and what better way to express yourself than with hugs that'll have their tails wagging in excitement. What helps is that they're incredibly cuddly and soft, a true win-win situation.

07 hug

6. The Sibling

You both may have your differences but at the end of the day you're blood and the bonding is irreplaceable. Give your brother/sister a happy shiny hug this Hug Day and watch them melt.

7. Your Co-worker

That one person who covers up for you when you're late, is a constant coffee companion and of course, a part of your gossip circle. He/She makes your work week a lot less boring and a lot more fun.

05 hug 

8. Full Body Pillow

Last, don't forget to treat yourself to a hug! Do it in style by getting a full-body pillow that you can hug in bed, thank us later!

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